This will be my 1st time travelling to london

Hi all,


My name is Bree, im a photographer and i will be travelling to london 1st week of April.

I love coffee, movies, travelling, working out and photograhy and i would love to make some new friends while in london :) Please let me know if you would want to meetup for coffee or even travel/expore together arround london.

This will be my 1st time travelling to london. i woud really appriciate some advice on-

1. Places to shop for cothes (good quality resonable priced)
2. Good camera shops in london
3. Good tech shops where they sell latest computers/laptops - im looking for a dell xps 15 (2017 model)
4. good coffee shops
5. Gyms in East london.
6. Love photography and i would like to so some street photography. which are some of the best places to shoot in London?
7. Events happening in london in April
8. Art galaries and places with street art/Graffiti
9. Nice Veg restaurants.

Would appriciate your reply.


Start with this … loc=London

Next up - possible problems.

Some rather silly people assume if you're taking a photo of buildings such as Westminster, you must be a terrorist planning something stupid.
Whilst this is plainly a moronic idea, you'd be surprised at how many people have fallen foul of some overstupid security guard or plastic policeman (Community officers) telling you to delete your photos. Most of this especially daft idea is gone now but the odd incident still surfaces from time to time.
The law is very simple so very politely refuse to do so and they can do a grand total of nothing about it.

Now that's out of the way, Central London has some fantastic stuff to photograph for every style of photography you can imagine (no surf shots or herds of wildebeest, but you can't have everything).

Chinatown has some very interesting stuff to capture as does much of the rest of the area.
No way you should walk around the satellite towns at night if you want to keep your camera and wallet.

Art galleries are a plenty and street art is around

Oscar's art is very interesting if there's an exhibition is available while you're there. I was rather pleased to be involved in a small way with one of his excellent projects.

Hey Fred, im currently in London thank you for you reply :) it helped.

Iv been here 1 week now traveling everywhere i can.

I got a Oyster card which i use when travelling bus/train.

I got a virgin mobile line to use locally (they had some good data plans like unlimited whatsap call etc)

(Not jumping to conclusions yet) Most of the people i met are not so friendly except the people working in stores who are very kind and helpful. Its not easy making friends in London.

There are 2 best apps - Bus times (London) and London bus checker (for Android) which i use to check bus stops, timings, location when travelling on bus.

Weather is unpredictable sometimes warm-sunny sometimes cold so i always carry something warm while travelling.

Im still travelling around new areas each day. Got plenty to see. i will be going oxford street tomorrow :)


snow_speeder :

Hey Fred, im currently in London thank you for you reply :) it helped.

You're very welcome

snow_speeder :

Some of the people i met are not so friendly except the people working in stores who are very kind and helpful. Its not easy making friends in London.

The south of England is very strange for us northerners because we talk to strangers with ease, but southerners tend to be very reserved.
If a bus breaks down in Barnsley total strangers will chat to each other just because they happen to be sitting near each other, but London is very different.
I was on a tube when the power cut; no one was concerned because the safety systems are very good so everyone knew they would be moving again in a couple of minutes but the train was in silence. Not a single person spoke to anyone at all.
A foreign girl from somewhere in Europe asked me what was happening so I reassured her all would be well and we got chatting. The Londoners were looking at us really oddly as it was clear we were total strangers but we were talking as if we were friends - they just didn't get it.

Take a trip to York if you get the chance - different world and lovely history to photograph.

You can consult from online traveling websites and technology based apps during a journey. They will explain everything about popular London tourist places and most famous visiting destinations.

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