Health Care Please ?

Hii, I am actually from China, just started working here in KL. May I know is there any place that i can get good health care services ?

Where are you located?
In KL there are lot of hospital provide great healthcare services.

Here is a compiled list of hospitals in the major cities in Malaysia.

But of course please make sure you have sufficient insurance cover as even a minor appendicitis can costs > Rm12k these days.

Private Hospitals in KL

Thanks for all your responds guys. Appreciate that

Hii, i tried a apps call Doctoroncall, which is providing us online health care services. I tried this one month back. I actually did the consultation done by the doctor using a video call. And the send the medication to me in 3 hours time. It's suitable for those who are not in emergency need of health care.

You should be able to read many posts about health care here, look around for them. I dont think there is any one, firm, best answer to this question because everyone has had good and bad luck. Government hospitals are the cheapest (and that is quickly changing), private are the highest and there are many in the middle. Its hard to say which is best because it depends on the quality of the  individual doctor. There are good and bad doctors at all levels. Hospitals with the word "Specialist" in them are the middle ground, and ive had better experiences in those. Last year I had hernia surgery at Sungai Long Hospital in Cheras, excellent Dr and everyone would agree a very reasonable price. I did colonoscopy at Subang Jaya Medical Center and also at Damansara Specialist Hospital. Damansara was better and cheaper. I personally believe from experience that the top and bottom hospitals are the worst.

This is what I recommend:
1) Go find Dr. Ling at Damansara Specialist Hospital which I think has been renamed into Sime Darby. He is your excellent general doctor in general times. When you have a problem he cant handle, he will (in honesty) recommend your next step.

2) Pretend you have a serious problem, like hernias or something, and go to the Information Desk of many hospitals and enquire about which Dr to see and what the charges are for surgery and who is good for this type of problem. I interviewed 6 hospitals this way before I decided on Sungai Long for my problem. See the Dr they recommend, see how comfortable you are, if you trust and believe in him/her or not. When you do it this way, by interviews, you will be amazed how fast you learn whats right and whats not right. Go and ask to talk to the hospital Accountant about charges and methods and what to do. They are a wealth of information and its freely given.

My ways are not orthodox but I've learned how to bypass the Dr directly and pick up information about him that he would never tell you himself. I dont automatically trust anyone, especially a Dr. If you want to become savvy about medicine in Malaysia, start talking to people other than the Dr himself. You will soon learn who is best, which place is good, which has fair prices, which places handle certain problems correctly. It takes time, its hard, but it pays off.

Last thing, this method applies to everything. Shopping for a used car (or even new)? Bypass the sales department. I do all my shopping in the Service Department. Go and talk to the service manager. Is this car any good? Which cars of this brand do you see least often? This car I like, what are the prices for these parts or that service? Ok, you say this car is pretty bad...thank you! Or, you say this one is pretty good, do you know a customer ready to sell his? Will you ask him for me, and can I see his service file? Thats how I shop. Always go behind because behind, in back, is where the truth is.

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If you're looking for more wholistic wellness centres, maybe this might help: **
KL has a number of this gems that make health care personal and interactive.

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