looking for a good physiotherapy

Can someone help to recommend me a good spine and back  physiotherapy in KL.  I am currently treating my scoliosis in Synapse, ampang.

Try Google on bio aura medic spa, my friend doing it at her condo at bukit antarabangsa, the method is simple, just by having a sonic wave by a specially design machine with mineral compositon in a bath tab with according followed position, it's the best massage treatment too, and it gives overall result, from inner to outer, improve muscle tone, improve skin radiant and makes you healthy and prettier, a total solution, I've saw with my own eyes how an old lady stop to use her walking roller tray just by after 15 times treatment, sounds too magical but try to Google on it, the machine and all equiptment cost around rm 9-10k but if you like to try its effectiveness first my friend do provide it for just only Rm 250 for 8 times treatment, cheap yet so effective, thanks to an advancement biomedical indigenous, it's brilliant :)

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Look for Joshua Nathan in KPJ Hospital , Taman Tun.

Oh thanks guys.  Finally found a really good one @ Elements gym G tower.  Getting g better everyday and it's not even  expensive

@datinsri, do you mind sharing their rates, either here or via PM? I've been looking for someone who can help with my lower back injury.

There's 2 great physiotherapist at Elements medical centre in Gtower.  It's RM 799 for 8 times with free gym membership.

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