Want to know a good doctor for treating diebetes


I am new to KL. Can anyone suggest a really good doctor to treat diebetes type II and high blood pressure?

i don't know about doctor but i know that moringa herbs can help with diabetes and high blood pressure... is well known among indians...

I strongly suggest having a look on the websites of Gleneagles Hospital (Ampang area) and Pantai Hospital (Bangsar area) and viewing the list of doctors who are specialized to treat your problems. you can see their photos, get an idea of their age and sometimes see where they obtained their specialist degrees.

Many of the doctors are educated at some time in the UK or Australia and some may have worked for many years in General Hospitals overseas which is often a good sign. If you can, google the doctors name who may be of interest as you may find out a lot more about them such as complaints, misdiagnoses, compliments, forums about them, publicity etc.

Also, give a call to the doctor and ask them the consultation charge before deciding as this may vary a lot, and a higher charge is not indicative of a better doctor.

Also, remember that a busy waiting room often means that a doctor is good and not expensive.

Let me add to the above that googling may let you see if they have had any past legal cases or even current legal cases for misdiagnosis or even worse.

Try Gleneagles, KL or Sime Darby Medical Centre, Damansara

Very well informed staffs who are extremely helpful.

Hi. We're from the uk and I'm just wondering how do I register with a general practitioner/Doctor   
At this moment my husband is really unwell and I feel he should see a gp but he's too ill to leave the house so we need a home visit. How do i go about arranging this? Any advice appreciated. Thank u

If needs be I will take him along to Gleneagles Hospital as its not too far away but he's too weak to move from his bed. At home in the uk all u did was call your local gp and arrange a home visit. Here it seems so much more complicated.

Good afternoon.

Dr Sakinah, KPJ Ampang Puteri. As i know she helped so many people n managed their sugar level.

Most of the Doctors in Malaysia did their degree or internship overseas. Some of them even worked. In Malaysia have certain rules, Doctors cannot work in private hospital or clinics if they didnt work under government hospitals certain years.

I dont know any Dr advertising for home visits (like the good old days in my country) but my advice is to first go to your neighborhood clinic and state the problem as urgent and the Dr MAY come. It is likely they will tell you to call an ambulance for immediate transfer to the Emergency Room of a government or private hospital. But you know best what the nature of the problem is and you have to judge if you need the ambulance or just a home visit. Even a cold/flu can be extremely serious.

Its been five days since your post, what is the update on the condition and treatment?

amritak :


I am new to KL. Can anyone suggest a really good doctor to treat diebetes type II and high blood pressure?

Although this may come perhaps a little too late but I would highly recommend Dr Tan Hee Wu from Assunta Hospital in Petaling Jaya. He is a nephrologist who treated my grandma.

This is off the topic but its a good reminder to say that diabetes is the No.1 problem in Asia due to the local diet and lack of exercise. I never had diabetes but was shocked to see such a rise in blood sugar over the years here so I can attest the claim is true.

Whats needed somewhere in this forum is a thread about what diet changes expats need to make to reduce this problem before diabetes hits, and to chart the changes and progress. Yes you can google about diabetes but then we arent discussing it. Im not a Dr., discussion would be helpful. Does anyone think there would be interest in this?

To whom it may concern, we are doing weekly health talks in our hospitals. I even created health events here, it is for free. Our hospitals is creating health awareness to teach people. if u r interested u r most welcome to pm me.

That wont help me because im in Penang. Here, they have various health screenings but its usually a game to get you to buy more expensive services. There are many people interested in making you well but very few interested in keeping you well because keeping you well costs them, not you.

im also expat like everyone here, and also paying for my treatments if i really needed. but we have to have knowledge for future, at least with such health talks we can still compare doctors/hospitals/services that they r providing. im sharing all this information not as marketing, im sharing so people will attend and learn something. reading from internet all the diagnosis we are getting so many information, moreover we are more confused.

In Penang also got hospitals that providing same health talks and health events. our concern is to give more information to be more careful, or not to panic when ull have something serious.

We are working/living in foreign country, we are concerned about each other.  if we won't help each other by sharing information then i guess it is useless to have such forums.

Sure, i agree :)

Im just talking from my experience, I didnt mean you, and didnt mean all doctors and hospitals.

Once, I stopped at a free diabetes screening event, I guess free blood sugar test, and they took my temperature and said, Oh my, you are really ill, you must go see this specialist immediately! I said no and walked out. I felt fine, was not ill in any way. I never even got my blood sugar test. Yes, thats a game! BUT I DONT MEAN YOU :) Im just saying people should be careful, too.

Unless a person is seriously ill, the best doctor is themselves. Eat right, sleep right, exercise. I said before in this forum that a Dr at a hospital in Penang commented that 70% of the patients in the average hospital wouldnt have to be there if they would just change their lifestyle. But in Malaysia, people, including me, dont exercise enough, and the diet here is sugar, salt and oil. Ban those things watch how fast people get well and stay well.

I agree with you.  :)

Everything is on our own hands.

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I am no doctor but i have the right supplement to help you out with your diabetic issue.
it really will help if you are open to knowing more about it, please let me know thanks.

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