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My friends are coming to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia soon. Their kid was diagnosed with autism. Does anyone know any center in Kuala Lumpur that offers treatment/help for autistic children ?

Hi, Aida47 !

I personally  know  a family  who had their autistic daughter helped by one specialist in Kuala Lumpur. His name is Dr H. H. Chan and he works in Natural Health Clinic in Pertama Complex, level 3 , Jalan TAR. He is trained in German Functional Medicine , Homeopathy and other fields. My friend's daughter  have returned to normal life. And it happened quite fast; the first improvement they saw was after some weeks.  Now she attends normal school and  is a good active learner. Actually, had her mum haven't told me about her being sick with autism in the past, I would have never guessed  so. I hope this info helps your friends.  If they need more information, please feel free to direct message me.  :cheers:

Autism is a perpetual development disorder - it cannot be cured. It sounds like some misdiagnosis is going on in Malaysia. It is a chronic cognitive condition. So there are seemingly all sorts of quack treatments being attempted with amazing results. I guess that paints a general picture of the ability to get proper support for the syndrome here.

Well, the important thing is that the kid is able to live a normal life. You know, frankly speaking, the human knowledge is still limited. What was considered impossible 10 years ago is being challenged now. I am sure, with all the progress in research and science, we will learn about many 'incurable' diseases being cured.

Correct if talking about cancer and heart disease etc. but Autism does not fall into that category. Its just basic lack of knowledge here and misdiagnosis and sensationalism. "A little knowledge is a dangerous thing". Its a malformation in the way the brain is constructed and chemical processing. Kids living a normal life is just not a statement you can use in conjunction with genuine Autism diagnosis.

Hi, Sarah and Gravitas  !

Thank you for taking time to  reply!   :)  I have googled  about this clinic and found lots of interesting info. I forwarded it to my friends . Any improvement in their kid condition will be a  relief. It's true that brain chemistry is not so well-researched as cancer or heart disease but  let's hope that one day science will solve its puzzles.

Just as long as she is aware that the approaches offered in Malaysia apart from say help with speech development have no scientific or medical basis and are, like many aspects in Malaysia, based on mass hysteria and a belief in magic.


I am new in this forum and i hope i am not stepping on any toes for posting this.

Humbly i work as a manager at a centre at Tmn Tun Dr Ismail offering neurotherapy or neurofeedback for kids needing special care. If you like, I can be reached via private message and we can arrange for an appointment.

Kind regards  :gloria

Kids with ADHD are also said to be autistic. And this can be managed with therapy.

In Shah Alam there is an Early Intervention Centre called Urbane Ethos.

They are really good and very affordable for the service they provide. A colleague of mine she sends here child there.

I manage to find their website and linked it below:

Facebook -

Would you be kind enough to tell whether there is an imrovement in the kid after consulting/treatment with Dr. HH chan.

We are also referred by someone to him but are curious to know a bit whether there is some reality to this.

I will really appreciate your kind reply in this regards.

Adeel79 - I know that craniosacral therapy is great for kids with autism and behavioural challenges.

Hello how is the doctor any improvement  after meeting Dr.  Chan.. Kindly reply. Thanks.

any improvement after meeting Dr.  Chan homeopathy with ASD.

Hi Aida

There are many centres for Autism and other Special Needs Kids.  My son goes to The Energy Source for Occupational Therapy, Physio Therapy and Psychology Social Thinking. 

You are welcome pm me as the therapy your friend's child requires will depend on where their child falls on the spectrum and also what they are doing now and want to continue.

I love The Energy Source as they are registered in the UK for standard and training, so their reports and treatments are of a great quality and can be used by Expats in other countries when/if they are leaving Malaysia.  This becomes very important for parents having to supply these reports to schools later for admission.

Please do reach out - I am more than happy to help your friend with any questions they might have.  I have lived here 11 years and my son is now 12.5 years, so I have a good network here in this area.

Take care,


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