Where to Live in Saltillo

I plan to move to Saltillo to be closer to my daughter and granddaughter who live in Monterrey. I have been investigating homes for sale online. I would like to purchase a home in a safe area near shopping for daily needs, food, gas, etc. and have some questions.
Should I be looking exclusively for secure, gated communities?
What areas around Saltillo have a significant Expat population?
What is a reasonable price range for 2 or more bedroom homes in these areas?

Hi Dave--

I feel like I may have already talked with you on another forum or email or something (or maybe I dropped the ball there--my apologies if that was the case!)

There isn´t a huge expat population in Saltillo, but most foreigners live on the north side--handy for you, as that´s closer to Monterrey!  ;)  If you´d like to get a feel for places that are already available to rent, check out, and just make sure they´ve got you looking at houses in Saltillo (or they´ll happily send you information on anything available in the whole country). 

Unfortunately, I can´t see the rest of your message here, so I can remember if you had other questions.  Feel free to email me at jilldouglas01[at]  (And if you´ve already emailed me at saltilloexpats[at], my apologies, because I´ve been terrible about checking that one!)

Good luck!


Ooo--now I see the other questions! 

Don´t worry about being in a gated community.  I recommend looking for houses that have a decent fence around them and bars on the windows.  But the guard at the gate isn´t necessary.  But if you prefer that, there are plenty, particularly on the north side.

OK, now that I´ve thought about it a bit, I honestly think your best bet might be to rent in San Jeronimo for a year, so you can get a feel for the city, see where you ou like, where don´t want to be, etc. 

(And, let me tell you, I just bought a house here, and it took us the better part of a year to work out the mortgage, paperwork, etc.) 

Plus, San Jeronimo is near a large grocery store, a gas station, etc.  It´s an apartment complex that a lot of the multinational companies use to house people they send for business for a few months or a year or two.  I´ve known two families who lived there for the better part of a year and liked it. 

Here´s a link: … amp;pos=20

Thank you for you response(s). I will be visiting my daughter in July and plan to spend a few days in Saltillo. I will also visit 2 or 3 other locations, but they are a lot further from my family.
I won't need a mortgage when I get ready to purchase, when I sell my home and business here I should have more than enough to pay cash for about anything of interest.
I am a bit concerned at the relatively small expat population in Saltillo and have been investigating the Lake Chapala area as well as San Miguel. I'd like to be as close as possible to my family but would also like a reasonable social life while getting settled in Mexico.
Thanks again!

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