friends wanted! ;))

Hi I am new to Oslo and would love to make new friends!
I love arts, sports and dancing. I have my own company.
Searching for fun people to talk to and grab a cofee!


How are you doing? Are you enjoy Olso?

How is your day

I wanna be your friend. But I am in Bangladesh. I believe friendship has no boundary. I love most Norway. It's my dream country. Someday I will reach in Norway. Then we will meet you. Thanks.

Hi Shaolin
IT is interesting, why you find Norway so amazing? Cheers!

If you want my friendship, here you are :)

Tivo :

If you want my friendship, here you are :)

Perhaps you could properly introduce yourself please?

Romaniac Experts Team

Hei Agata,

I am Swastik, originally from Nepal but living in Norway for more than 5 years. I have recenlty moved here from a small town and I work in a logistic company. I have been to Poland many times. I simply love the WW2 history and cold war stuffs. There are so many historical monuments in Poland but the language is one the toughtest in Europe. Long story short, I simply love Poland.

I am also looking for cool people for hangout. Yes, i am also looking for cool people to hang out :))


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