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Can anyone please suggest me a senior Gynae who can deal in high risk pregnancy in muscat. I have consulted nearly 4 doctors from big hospitlals like Appollo, Al Raffa, Atlas, Kims and all of them seem to be of no use. These doctors sorry to say have basic knowledge and misdiagnosed my case. Need Advice or atleast contacts of highly skilled and proffesional gynaecologist who deal in complicated pregnancy. Would really appreciate if somebody can throw some light on the same as Im pregnant and going through rough time in muscat.

Hi soniad_1982,

I totally and completely agree with your assessment of the quality of the gynecologists and for that matter even all the other doctors in general here in Oman.

Yes, the standards of medical services available across the Sultanate is really very poor compared to a country like, say, India for example. That is why for medical issues requiring more serious treatments, most Omanis head to places like India and Thailand, and the more affluent westwards to get themselves treated professionally.

The fundamental issue here is medical services across all the private polyclinics and hospitals barring none are viewed purely as a money spinning business. Doctors have their steep monthly targets to be met.
There are other discussions on the same subject in this forum which you can refer to for details.

So coming back to our query, if you are serious about getting professionally treated, my only advice is for you to go home.

Come back only after your safe delivery.

All the best.

@ Sumitran Thank you for your reply I would have done the same and gone back long time ago however due to travel restrictions I cannot even do that. Due to my condition Im not allowed air travel as the air pressure can deteriorate my situation. Im in a fix. I have gone through all the previous post and most of them are very old information and some of the doctors mentioned are no longer in muscat. The Most famous once have gone to Royal hospital which layman cannot access. Dont know what to do and where to go.

Sorry to hear about your situation.

Regarding your high-risk pregnancy, unfortunately only government hospitals have the best treatment plan. Although I have heard that Badr Al Sama has good OBGYNs (as per my friends).

If it's cumbersome to travel back to your country, I suggest that you go to any local private clinic/hospital such as Badr Al Sama or Burjeel hospital and follow-up there. If you are not satisfied, then I would suggest that you request one of the OBGYNs to refer you to Sultan Qaboos University Hospital (SQUH) or Royal Hospital. SQUH has a high-risk pregnancy team of doctors and if your case reaches them, they will contact you for follow-up.

Hope this helps.


Did you try Dr Maheshwari in Atlas Ghubra? She is really good I've heard.

Hi arya_12,

can you recommend the concerned Doctor in the Muscat business directory please?



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Tried doing it but didn't understand how to..

Hello arya_12,

Please navigate to the Add a business in Muscat section, choose the ''Recommend a service'' tab and fill in the the required fields with proper information regarding the concerned doctor.


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