Oman Viva exam for GP drs..

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Im a GP dr from India recently passed my OMSB prometric exam for GP, i hv a job offer from oman n going to sit for the viva exam soon.. Can anyone pls guide me abt the viva exam and how to prepare for it? what questions are generally asked? whats the passing criteria?

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Hai dr.mmu.
I passed prometric ortho to apply for viva and had to given in oman only or it can be given in india too.kindly suggest. Thanks.

Hii dr.mmu,

           The viva would be conducted by a panel of examiners from the govt hospitals. They may ask anything from any speciality at GP level, but mostly from emergency medicine and general medicine. Go through Oxford handbook of emergency medicine and clinical specialities. all the best.

Iam indian  expat did MBBS, How do I prepare fo GP exam Oman
what is the syllabus/ which book is good for prometic exam, anybody have mock test paper

Hello ill be sotting for viva for general practice what are they going to ask and what books are needed to study kindly tell

Hi.. for preparing it is best to grab on oxford handbook of clinical medicine and emergency medicine... Viva .... They ask clinical scenarios... They act as they are the patients... For me they asked .... Fever with rash in children.... What all we will ask de parents... what all we will check in the patients. How will u manage if that child starts convulsing...and how about treating dehydration in that child. Another  doctor asked me an unconscious pt comes to u in ur clinic. U are alone .. how will u manage.... The answer they expect us to give is ....check the vitals and glucose level..then they said Bp is 200/100 and nrml glucose.  Thiis is a  case of hypertensive emergency... i would start on oxygen and gain iv acess and immediately refer the pt to higher centre. Next there was a pharmacist. Asked diclofenac dose,and what drug u will give along with dt fr low back ache. U should definitely learn dose of all drugs.... Diazepam suppositry dose, diclofenac tablet and injection dose.amoxicillin and paracetamol dose. Some other questions were... Child with earache ,man with  earache . Man with redeye.  Epigastric pain. AF, ACS, DKA, hypoglycemia,VT,preclampsia. Headinjury. And know about poisoning that can cause hyperthermia and convulsions..  when a child comes with convulsion first time, how will u manage... Make sure u say i will check salicylate ,amphetamine,pmol level..

can anyone guide about viva for physiotherapist...


Hi everyone. By Gods grace ,i got through moh viva exam... Second attempt.. this tym i had two examiners. Case scenarios was a lady coming with DUB, we have to strt frm history onwards,investigations,management, we have to say the drugs and their mech of axn.
Nxt was a pt with chest pain. Fr dt also history , inv, mngmnt. we have to say all medicines and their dose also and mech of axn.
Nxt was about asthma. history, and management and how with what medicines will u discharge the pt.

I. G, shud we answer like this, some people told tat we shud not say the treatment part for any patient, dey prefer us to say as referral to higher u. Nstitiuions

How did u get job offer via recruiting firms or directly from the hospital

The recruiting agencies like ACE MANAGEMENT have contacted me and asked me to pay 50000 rupees for job in oman i also cleared my prometric

        I'm Dr.Sunita,I'm a gynaecologist,I have to appear in OMSB (oman exam) for gynaecologists soon,can anyone help me with the study pattern specifically where to study from,any teaching material & MCQs books for this specific exam.

Kindly visit prometric mcq website log in it take subscription and do study

Thank you so much for your reply, I surely will.

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