Oman Viva exam for GP drs..

Dear Doctors in the forum,

Im a GP dr from India recently passed my OMSB prometric exam for GP, i hv a job offer from oman n going to sit for the viva exam soon.. Can anyone pls guide me abt the viva exam and how to prepare for it? what questions are generally asked? whats the passing criteria?

Awaiting a response from all good Samaritans out there..

Thanks in advance..

Hai dr.mmu.
I passed prometric ortho to apply for viva and had to given in oman only or it can be given in india too.kindly suggest. Thanks.

Hii dr.mmu,

           The viva would be conducted by a panel of examiners from the govt hospitals. They may ask anything from any speciality at GP level, but mostly from emergency medicine and general medicine. Go through Oxford handbook of emergency medicine and clinical specialities. all the best.

Iam indian  expat did MBBS, How do I prepare fo GP exam Oman
what is the syllabus/ which book is good for prometic exam, anybody have mock test paper

Hello ill be sotting for viva for general practice what are they going to ask and what books are needed to study kindly tell

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