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hello everyone..i m dr warda residing currently in muscat.. can someone guide me about syllabus for omsb prometric exam.. i want to appear in general practice speacility..thanks in advance :)

Hello dr warda and welcome on board

Hope that some members have the info to share with you ;)

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Hi Warda,

          The syllabus for OMSB prometric for GP includes all the clinical subjects of MBBS.
The distribution of questions is as

Chronic Diseases                                                               10
Acute and/or Common Medical Problems                          10
Common Pediatric Problems                                             10
Womens Health                                                                   11
Emergency Problems                                                           7
Common Surgical Problems                                                  5
Common Psychiatric Problems                                              6
Common Eye and ENT Problems                                          6
Common Derma Problems                                                    3
Basic Epidemiology and EBM Concepts                                 2
Total                                                                                       70

      This info is from the result of a doctor who cleared the exam for GP last month. The distribution would be different for different specialities. Hope this info is useful

Hello friends, May I know some specific question of OMSB Prometric exam for General Practice?

Hi everyone,

Hows going on? I want to know about Viva exam in Oman. Is there any clear guideline regarding the exam? Syllabus? Questions?
Please reply, Its an emergency.....................................

Hello friends,i'm planning to write MOH EXAM FOR GENERAL DENTISTRY-OMAN. kindly inform regarding syllabus,mark weightage ,Exam charge pattern, no of questions,can i appear from India ,interview topics..plz reply to

Hello dr .u need to get 42 marks out of 70 mcq the results are immediate. Then u need to apply for data flow for certificate  verification. Then  u need to get  sponser and get a letter from them and apply for ur viva.u can apply from india .exam fee iS around some 95$ i guess ..just read ur dental pulse throughly .no need general subject

I am Dr B Dilip Kumar experience of 30+ I passed Prometric Exam recently in last week of Mach 2015 with 47% got pass certificate, Past experience od 30+., worked as a State Medical Officer with United Nation Organization , USA army contracts,in Iraq, Resident in Paediatric and coordinator in saudi Arabia, knows arabi language, and also in Iran, Libya and Maladives as a GP and Trained Paediatrician. Am also government servant of India-Hyderabad worked as a Civil Assistant Surgeon-Senior Medical Officer.
Basically I am GP, passed the Pro metric exam of GP, and I have sponsor -----he  has opened a new hospital, is there any preference in private organization, please guide me in Passing marks, sponsor and Private organization to attend Viva voice in Oman.
Dr B Dilip Kumar
Hyderabad - India.

Hello everyone..
I am an anesthesiologist from Bangladesh. I want to take the omsb exam as an anesthesiologist consultant. Can anyone tell me what should i study?what is the question pattern?

Hi everyone..i am a dr..worked as internal medi resident for a period of two yrs..n for abt 3 mon as a gp in dubai.i want to appear in oman gp prometric and need to knw if i am eligible to sit in exam plus which buks n mcqs to read for it

I m a lady dr from Pakistan having a experience in obs and gynecology and as a gp dr.I m a sonologist too. I have done my residency in family Medicine from pakistan. I have 14 yrs of experience. Now more than 3 yrs experience a gp have to give oman exam of family medicine but not of gp.can u guide me about all including data flow and books which need to prepare for family medicine exam.

Dear all,
I Passed Oman prometric for clinical pathology
Now I'll be appearing viva shortly
But I have no clue what is the pattern or kind of viva questions
Plz help

HI.  I want to know about prometric exam format for lab technician and how to prepare for the same. I am living in Muscat. Can you please tell me what topics I should prepare?

Hi everyone
Can anone guide me about prometric exam for lab technician in Muscat (Oman). What topics should be prepare for exam?

hello friends
can someone please tell me about how to go about written prometric exam for my friend who is an Ophthalmologist from India? Also, is there any oral/viva exam for Ophthalmology?
Please guide also about which books to be read

Can anybody guide me how many years of experience required for getting specialist Psychiatrist post in Muscat after you clear your degree

Hi, I am a Pathologist,  I'm trying to give prometric for oman,  can you guide me is there separate exam for histopathology,  how to prepare for prometric

hii Ravi...I am also Pathologist working in Oman. I had given prometric for post of Clinical Pathologist. They will ask you Hematology, blood banking, Biochemistry and Microbiology. Read Robbins Genetics chapter also as there will be few questions from Genetics. They won't ask Histopathology for Clinical Pathology.

go through this link. … rences.pdf

Hi there,  Thank you very much for reply,  how much biochemistry and microbiology do we have to read,  as you know we have limited exposure in those areas,  did you use any MCQ books

Ravi wen i appeared for prometric i didnt knw that there will e biochemistry and microbiology questions. For microbiology refer Ananthnarayan textbook. Read streilisation and media chapter thoroughly and go through all major bacterias just superficially. For example preferred culture media and transport medium and other specific characteristics. Read biochemistry from Practical Clinical Biochemistry: Methods and Interpretations Book by Ranjana Chawla....

Thank you very much for the insight given by you,  can you guide me for the possible websites where the Pathologist openings are posted for oman and qatar as you know it is all posted by agents only,  is it the norm there,  can you guide me to prepare for smooth dataflow method

I got this job through consultancy....Through

Which job

HI Friends
                 Myself Dr A.khan currently I m living in India. i ve done my MBBS n got three of experience after my internship.I ve applied for Oman prometric .I wanted to know the weightage of
the exam ,there will be viva or no n also how to prepare for the exam any book or
online classes.I also wanted to confirm whether I am eligible for the license as I ve got
only three of working experience .What is the minimum experience required for
GP in Oman and work in Oman as a GP.

Hi everyone.. can someone please guide on promteric exam in radiology... What is pattern.. what kind of preparation would be needed.. thanks in advance

Good Morning . i am epidemiologist , looking to pass prometric , but i can find my speciality under the list. anyone can guide me how  to apply and under which speciality. is epidemiology well known here in oman, is any chance to get a job for it?

hi pinky, sorry to bother you again, i got a call from Aster oman for the post of consultant histopathologist, they told i have to come for interview only as there is no exam for consultants, is it true there, they want me to join in a month time. if they ask for prometric for histopathologist what sort of exam it will be, do they need certificate attestations and dataflow, as the consultancy person said they won't need attestations and dataflow, but just an interview. How far is it true, please guide.

I am a doctor doing private practice in india... i want to work in oman as GP... but i hv gaps in my experience.... will it be a problem from me to apply?

Hi ther
I’m a pediatric dentist preparing for prometric Oman exams residing in Muscat. Can sumone pls guide regarding the STUDY MATERIALS  and the FORMAT of the exam paper .

Hi can any one tell me the experience level needed for applying prometric exam in detistry, how many years of experience is needed for applying prometric exam

Adya26 :

Hi ther
I’m a pediatric dentist preparing for prometric Oman exams residing in Muscat. Can sumone pls guide regarding the STUDY MATERIALS  and the FORMAT of the exam paper .

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