British mum of a 3 year old boy in Oslo - anyone want a coffee?

I have just moved to Oslo, from the UK and quite bored. I am seeking work, but I think I need to perfect my Norwegian skills. First time in my life since the age of 14 that I have been unemployed - Sooo depressing! Anyone need a coffee and cake and non judgemental chat break/ meet up for as English say "Tea and Sympathy" haaa haaa. Toddle pip, and ha det veldig godt! Ludo outlook c o m

Also, I am a BA Art and French (Hons), MA Fine Art and PGCE Art and Design Teacher looking for work if anyone has any advice on how I can earn a living. (I'll try anything once -within reason!)

Hei i would gladly accompany you if you are bored or you wanna hang out and chat, i have been living here for a year and studied norwegian until only level B-1i have no so much friends in here and i would want to know more.. if you are interested drop me an email if you want.. **

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Are you in Oslo Norway>? if you are I'm at ***

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you might want to join IMOBAGO on facebook- it's the international mother and baby group in Oslo. There's a general group where people ask for advice and suggest meetups, then another one where you can buy and sell baby/child items. It's a great resource!

thanks so much will give it a go.

Hello there,

I am looking for English tutor for my kids 4 and 7 years old.
Would you be interested in coffee and talk about it?
Or if you know of someone else who is native English and need a extra job?

Kind Regards,

Hi sounds great! I'm currently in London but return to Oslo 9th June!

My email is *** I can share my CV and references there xx

Coffee sounds great too!

Luanne x

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Hi! I'm from England too and it's super refreshing to hear a story slightly similar to mine. I've recently moved also And looking for a job... it's super hard !!! Lol hope it gets better for you, if you have an email or anything like that I'd be happy to chat, for for a drink, even babysit if needed. Good luck!

Hiya! Sorry for my late response. I'd love to continue our chat in that inbox. I've previous experience babysitting but I'd love to expand on this and talk further about if we discuss/meet (:

Hi...I can see this message is from a while back and you've  probably got lot of friends now but I am also a British mum of a 3 year old boy just arrived and looking for a social life!

Hi All,

I am a British father of two, 5 and 7 year old beautiful girls :)  My misses is Norwegian and we moved to Oslo about a year and a half ago. I still work back in UK and Brussels so lot of travelling  :huh:

I am facing a usual battle of bilingual families, how to keep them both going. At the moment my kids are going to Norwegian school and barnehaga. Naturally, their Norwegian is becoming more and more dominant and taking over their English language. It seems like they going to lose their English :sosad:  :sosad:

I am looking for some English speaking/ learning activities for them, something which can help them in practice and grow their English language.

Is anyone here aware of some schools / organization / individuals which offer part time English courses or teach English in a structured way ?

Can anyone point me to any  activities, communities, Facebook group or online forum where I can find some help, English courses, clubs, activities or family meetup for kids.

Thanks in advance for your time.

Peerz, I can recommend joining the IMOBAGO group (the International Mother and Baby group Oslo). There are many English speaking parents there who can help, and there are often activities shared and posted there.

Thanks ECS for a quick response, I will do it.


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