New members of the Spain forum, introduce yourself here – 1st quarter of 2017

Hi all,

Newbie on the Spain forum? Don’t know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in Spain if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

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Hello, my names Ian and I have lived in the Velez Malaga area for four years. During that time I have had many challenges which have inhibited me from socialising and building up a group of friends.
I am originally from the north of England but have lived in central London for the past thirty years prior to moving here.
It would be great to hear from any locals who would be interested to socialise, i.e. coffee, lunch afternoon tea, dinner, social groups etc

Hi Ian yes cool up for coffee sometime. We can email each other phone numbers ****

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Hi, thanks for your reply, I'll drop you a line later today by email.

Hello. I live in Iran. I am very interested to work in Spain.
please help.

Hello all,

My name is Julia and I am from a little village close to Frankfurt, Germany. The last 3 years I have lived with my husband in Munich and he found a job in Madrid now. That is why we moved to Alcala de Henares. I am studying Spanish at the moment and my level is good right now. I am hoping to find a job in approx 6 month when my Spanish is better.
I am looking to meet new friends here in the area.
Looking forward to hear from you.


Moved to the UK from SA in 2003, and moved to Alicante in 2015 with the young family.

We decided to move out here for the weather and the outdoor lifestyle.

Interested to hear from people in similar situations - let's meet up for a bike ride or a drink. Perhaps even a braai.


This site seems to have very little 'flow'
Perhaps only a  few members scattered all over the place. Not ideal if you have to travel hundred of miles to meet for coffee drinks socialising etc
Am I doing something wrong ?
I had one or two erratic replies from someone and one reply from a person living in Iran.
If I'm going wrong somewhere can the site admin advise me where I'm going wrong

Hi All,

I've been a member of this Expat group for many years now.  As hubby and I are:
"Citizens Of The World"..... 
Born and bred 40 years in various places throughout Australia: Albury-Wondonga, Darwin, Sydney & Gosford: Central Coast of N.S.W - (70 miles Nth of Sydney City). 
2001 - Relocated to VA in USA
2015 - Relocated to UK:   12 months in Cardiff, Wales and 12 months in Reading, England. 

Both Aussie born; who've lived 15 years in USA, 2 years in UK: 1 year in Wales & past 12 months living in England.   However, since Brexit has occurred and become UK's chosen direction-option; I've begun researching Spain as a possible Retirement destination to live? 
However, I'm ISO a vibrant area with a lot of good Retail therapy, Great Beaches and Passing Boating activity, must be English Speaking as I don't plan to learn a new language at retirement age.   A place which is enjoys a Community Spirit and where there's plenty of social activities and entertainment -here in England we enjoy a large Pub offerings. !Wanting to own with water-views.

I lived living in Australia; however, their pesky flys and mosquito will keep me away in retirement.
However, what I miss most in OZ is their magnificent Birdlife.   
So keen to learn as much as possible as well; what's on offer to active Retirees living in Spain??

Thanks in Advance for any replies and recommendations.

Hallo everybody, My name is Vesna, I am an archaeologist from Serbia. Currently,  I live in Barcelona   because of PhD studies. I would like to find new friends and be more socialized. I am interested in history of Barcelona, cooking and particularity in spending weekends  visiting new places.

Hi Julia I just joined the expat forum and we only 4 month ago moved  to Madrid...I did see you leave in Alcala de and my family love this little town and we go there for a day out couple times a month. We could meet one weekend for a coffee if you would like that? Let me know. Tanya

Hey there,

My name is Ethan from Malaysia. I spent two years in the UK finishing my master in marketing. Recently graduated and just moved to Spain(Valencia) for the past 6 months to look for job (am still looking). I find it hard to get a job here as only English and Chinese are not enough because I don't know Spanish (learning).

I chose a more challenging life coming to Spain for my love one.
Hope to meet more friends here =]

Best Wishes.

Hello everyone,

I'm living in Boring Bath UK well its nice, except for the WEATHER......  I really want to meet new people working or planning to work in Spain..

Anyone out there need a GAL to work in their bar/cafe etc???

Hi Ian,

I really want to move to Spain, I'm ex cabin crew and I always meet good.  I moveed to Bath and I know lots of good folk here.  I just HATE THE WEATHER, I lived in OZ and Cali. so I just want do this grey gloom .  Any chance you could advise me?  Maybe we could help eachother?


Hi all
I am from Denmark and live now in Sevilla, have not been active on since i moved to spain a year ago, was first 8 month living in la linea dela concepcion and now moved to lovely Sevilla
After being very busy starting a new life and business i could be nice to sometimes meet other expats here in Sevilla or surrounding areas

Speak danish, english, german .. and learning spanish ;-)



You have been very busy,  What sort of business to you have?  I would like to visit to see the area, Sevilla is beautiful.  I live in Bath UK HATE THE WEATHER, I lived in Australia and Cali. LOVE THE SUN makes life so much easier.....


Hi Karen
I am a software freelance developer so have the advanced what I can virtual work from any place in the world as long where is internet ;-)
Yes sevilla is a marvellous place only missing the sea but only one hours drive to the ocean so it's been a move what I think is going to stay here for good
You have lived some different places , you schould have easy to adapt to sevilla if its a place you consider,  it's very Spanish but also international

Yep, I'm ex Cabin Crew Qantas Aust.  I just want a new beginning now, just a little job in a cafe etc... any ideas?

I think the best is to take down and explore the possibilities before you make any move
Jobs in spain can be difficult and you need some ways to make a living so your are sure you can pay the bill's and make a living ofcource from a danish point of view its cheep to live here but you need to make sure you can
I have seen some bad examples of people moving without a backup plan
You are native English speaking so alternative jobs is also teaching English and in the tourist business

You are welcome to write a personal message if you decide to go down on a visit or if you have other questions , I am still learning the Spanish art of living and making a network but some things I already have found out

Ps sorry if my English is not perfect .. it's not my native language

Hello again,

Yep I agree, I just want an easy life now, I have my own flat in the UK so I would rent it out as a back -up plan.  I know lots of people retire to Spain, France etc....

Your English is perfect,,,,,, Karen


I just heard from another guy, he said Savillia is lovely and a good place to visit and discover

Yes its a very lovely city
Just remember its very hot in summer months especially i august where  +40 degres is not seldom, so be sure to have aircon where you sleep :-)

Ok, similar to Turkey  and Aust..... thanks.... Karen

Hello everyone :)

Me and my partner are planning to move to the area by the end of this year.
We would much appreciate all the advice you can give us :)

We are looking for a long-term rental property (we are happy to pay for a year in advance) to start getting acquainted with the areas and pick a place to ultimately live.
Do you know of anyone who has a property to rent long term in the Fuengirola / Estepona / Malaga area?

Also, we would like to know about all the formalities and legal requirements for our move.

We are aware of the crime (mostly corruption, theft, pick pockets etc) but is there anything else we should be aware of? is it getting worse or better? Are Brits still welcome by the locals?

Any other advice?

Thanks in advance

Hi All
I'm Christine from the North of England, looking at relocating and trying to find out more about the Islands.  I'm a multi skilled, hard worker who puts 110% into everything I do and currently working as a self employed children's entertainer - specifically face and body painting.    I love what I do but yearn to live in better climes!

Here's keeping my fingers crossed :)

hi christine, i'm chris from the noth of england- i lived in spain for 2 years many moons ago, just got back from 27years in california and hoping to get back to spain asap...........i'm gonna start a dance business there,in tourist spots like the costas and ideally ibiza/mallorcs maybe the canaries in winter........... I need some dance teachers to teach MerenHouse(the worlds easiest dance to learn!) and Salsa.......if you're interested i could train you in just a few hours, you'd have a new skill to use for workor just fun , whatever you want......i'm based in Chesterfield.........

leftywright :

hi christine, i'm chris from the noth of england- i lived in spain for 2 years many moons ago, just got back from 27years in california and hoping to get back to spain asap...........i'm gonna start a dance business there,in tourist spots like the costas and ideally ibiza/mallorcs maybe the canaries in winter........... I need some dance teachers to teach MerenHouse(the worlds easiest dance to learn!) and Salsa.......if you're interested i could train you in just a few hours, you'd have a new skill to use for workor just fun , whatever you want......i'm based in Chesterfield.........

Hi Chris, small world haha.  wow what a fantastic idea I would love to hear more.  I'm in Newcastle right now but nothing to tie me here and desperate to escape the UK for sunnier climates so would be very interested in this. my direct email is xxx


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hey christine, they blocked your email address luv-they frown on direct contact apparently, don't wanna be made redundant i guess....anyways yeah my plan is to offer fun , 1/2hour  classes to holidaymakers -  Meren House , which is VERY easy to learn and very fun,danced to Merengue  music in spanish or House music in either spanish or english- gr8 for drunk english folks in a hot climate! i just came back from california after27 years, i need sunshine! so look,i'll train you for free, just a few hours,you can start in may  , see how it goes, work as much or as little as you want, but i want to expand and have classes all down the coast and ideally ibiza, mallorca etc, maybe with several teachers, we'll see.....lets get this goin and get to sunny Spain asap!!!

btw.if you message me on the site rather than post in the forum theres more chance you can gimme your direct email.........

It sounds exciting and lots of fun, but i'm looking for something more established. I've just been accepted for an interview for work in the Canaries so fingers crossed.
All the very best in your adventure :)

thanks,maybe i'll meet you in the Canaries when i take SalsaCrazy there.........keep me posted on how it is ober there, will ya? and good luck with your interview!

That would be cool, I might even end up joining your classes haha :)

why not? i'm hoping it'll be the thing to do @ night .........i'll give you free entry 4 life if you'll dance with me ! ;)

Hi Guys,

WOW maybe we can all meet up, Christine I'm very intrestedin a move back to the sun too.

Great to connect, I'm dreaming of living and working in the sun :) I've got a skype interview on Thursday for Suncare, have you heard of them? They're looking for staff in balearics right now if that's of interest to you? :)

Can I jump in? I´m semi new to Seville and wonder which events I can attend to meet British ExPats? Thanking you all kindly...

Hi Christine, what is the interview for dancing?

The dancing one is Chris, he's looking for someone to train to teach dance :)

Hello everyone > you can use your private message system if you want to talk to a particular member of this thread.

Let me remind you that the thread here is about the introduction of new members in the Spain forum.

Thank you,

Hello, what interests you to come to Spain ?
Do you hope to find work, I live in Southern Spain, Axarquia.
No work here I'm afraid, not for a man anyhow, and barwork or waitressing is pityfully paid.
Not sure about the big cities like Madrid and Barcelona, its been many years since I visited them and times change


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