New members of the Mexico forum, introduce yourself here – 1st quarter of 2017

Hi all,

Newbie on the Mexico forum? Don’t know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in Mexico if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

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Thank you for the welcome. Mark and I are looking to retire in San Miguel Allende and plan to buy a home there. We have just started our investigation and thought this forum would be a good place to learn the ins and outs of the best way to make a move when the time comes. We will not need to work but would probably enjoy volunteering in the community in ways that we can.

My Spouse and I are thinking about moving to the Yucatan Peninsula but don't yet have decided on the specific area. We're Military Retired,  our biggest concern is medical. We plan to come and rent for 3 to 6 months to figure out the right location.
The Immidiate concern is proper documentation for both extended stay and purchasing a home. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated

I have found that it is advisable and without risk to consult with the nearest Mexican Consulate in regards to qualifications for residency.  Approval is a lot quicker than it once was.  I'm not familiar enough with property purchase to do more than guess which would not help.

Thank you  Sir,  I'm planing to go see them soon. Would you advice for or against driving an RV down the coast to the Yucatan?

Thank you


I take the bus frequently from Veracruz to Tampico and back.  On the coast road, there are long stretches of rough narrow winding roads and little towns with suspension breaking speed bumps.  Based on that, I'd guess that Google Maps recommendation would be easier and more comfortable.

Google shows two routes.  The inland route is an hour longer but more 4 lane divided toll road.  I think that would be preferable.  I have no idea about dump locations or getting water.  Maybe an RVer organization.  Or a search on RVing in Mexico.


My family and I recently relocated to Cancun from the U.S..  Any recommendations for doctors (internist, ophthalmologist, etc.,) would be greatly appreciated!




It's not that complicated to become permanent residents, but obtain residency, but you will need a residency card in order to bring household goods with you free of duty.  You can follow this link:, and select either temporary or permanent residency.  The important thing to remember is to dot every i and cross every t.  It's not that it's a disaster if you don't, but the paperwork will not be accepted, which will cause a delay.

Good luck!


Thank you for your advice,  I plan to visit the consulate before departure.

Though things have been simplified greatly since I got my residency 8 years ago, my experience has been that each local office, the consulate where you will start the process and the INM office where you'll complete the procees in Mexico, have a great deal of flexibity in applying rules.  The best course is I've found is to make an appointment at the consulate to go over the requirements and options in detail.  That is an especially good idea if you qualify to enter as a permanent resident from the start.  If you do a looksee trip to the city where you'll buy or rent, it won't hurt to visit the INM office and get a detailed list of the documents you'll and the fees you'll pay.  In my case, converting from old rules to new rules 4 years ago and from temporary to permanent 3 years ago went like a charm because I had checked with the INM office first.

A temporary or permanent resident visa allows a one time duty free shipment of household goods to follow you.  I don't know what the current rules are.  An international moving company can tell you or put you in touch with a customs broker who can.

INM stands for Instituto Nacional de Migracion or National Immigration Institute.

Yes, the Consulate and INM offices have lists of documents you'll need (often in multiple copies) and time frames for submission.

We had to apply for Mexican residency in the US first.  The result of that was a stamp in our passport which was required to continue the process in Mexico.  That stamp is not sufficient for the Menage de Casa, which is the list of household goods you'll be bringing in to Mexico.

Wow, that's a change.  My menaje left when I left the US 8 years ago.  In any case, it did not arrive till well after I did.

I my husband and I will visit the Lake Chapala area January 27.  I have been researching potential places to retire in Mexico for several years.  This year I decided I better start visiting in earnest.  I am just excited about it.  Thank all of you for the information you have been providing.

Start with what interests you in the expat site.

Thank you Sir, you have been a great help.

J Pérez

Hola and thanks for the warm welcome. I'm moving to San Miguel from the US in August and am just learning Spanish. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to find a rental casa or casita, preferably from a local there? I will be traveling 12 hours with a dog and we'll need a place to land when we arrive.

Thanks for kind introduction, recently I am employed in KSA I would like to move to Mexico what I should put in consideration and arrangement to move In

You need a resident visa to be able to bring in  more than a tourist's worth of personal possessions.  It's good for 180 days,  then you have to leave, even momemtarily and get a new one.

A resident visa alows a one-time duty free shipment of household  goods.  The application must start in your home country at the nearest consulate.  A call or visit will get you all the details.  You will need a minimum income from outside Mexico.  If you expect to work, you'll need a job guarantee from a Mexican employer.  Best call a consulate.

Thank you so much for your welcoming message and
hello to all on here.  I'm a single, female Canadian.  I'm
looking to relocate hopefully by this summer, or earlier,
if all goes well.

I'm pretty sure I'd like to be in the Merida area, however,
not completely certain just yet.  I've been to Mexico a few
times, and I love the people there.  And here in Canada,
the cold is getting 'old' (and it's only January!).  :)

I'm certified as both a Children's Life Coach and will be
fully certified to teach ESL to young children by then,
too.  I'll need to earn a living there, however, will also
be more than happy to give back, too.  I love becoming
a part of the community wherever I live.

Have a great afternoon, everyone.

As far as being able to work legally, it depends if Mexico considers your skills in such short supply that you wouldn't be taking a Mexican's job or if a Mexican company made you a firm job offer and got the government's approval to hire you.

Year's ago GM got permission to transfer me to a plan in Mexico with the obligation to train 4 unamed Mexicans in how GM operated in my speciality.  This I did but it was a matter of giving them 4 years experience in the company  culture rarher than anything specific and there was no government follow up to see that I fulfilled the requirement.

Your best bet on requirements is to call or visit the nearest Mexican consulate in Canada.  There are job boards that do specialize in internationap hiring.  A little Googling may help.

Thank you for providing this forum!  My wife and I are in our early 70's and are looking to retire on a moderate income in a place that is peaceful with a climate that is moderate (high 40's to low 80's) and not humid.  We have heard a great deal about San Miguel de Allende and plan to visit in a few weeks staying in an airbnb for a week.  That said, I'm afraid we may of missed the "window of opportunity" in DMJ. We are of good health for our age, want to rent (at least for a good while), and hope for an Expat community of some small measure.  I speak a moderate amount of Spanish and am concerned that I don't want to be the Ugly American.  We would appreciate any contact information that is available.  Thanks again for providing this wonderful forum for people of similar desires!  Rob and Jan

Welcome.  It will be interesting to see what you find.  My husband and I are looking at Lake Chapala.

look at Oaxaca

Hola amigos! My husband and I, along with our German Shepherd Dog, just moved to Playa del Carmen! We've lived all over and are really excited to be living in paradise now. We love good food, good people, and a good drink! Cheers!

-Sarah, Sebastian, y Bruno :)

Hola a todos,

my husband and I together with our 2 kids are going to move to León (de los Aldama) in May.

It would be great to get in touch with people and families who are already living there or are also planning to move there. Recommendations for doctors, places to go, etc. are highly appreciated.

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