Moving to Ghana!

Hello All,

I'm looking for some information from expats with first hand experience moving from North America to Accra. I want to make the move however I am struggling to find information while doing my research. Any information would be wonderful!

A little bit of information about me: I am 28 years old and currently living in the South Florida area. I am a Software Implementation Specialist. Safety is most important to me (and decent internet lol).

No problem with safety. 4G Internet is available if you intend to live in Accra but 3G is available throughout the country unless you are in a very remote area. It is expensive though as there are no truly unlimited packages

Thanks for the reply!

How would you say the housing and job market current are? Will I struggle to find housing at a reasonable cost? I'd probably be looking into buying rather than renting. As far as the job market, is it a struggle for expats to find a decent paying job?

Housing depends on budget and location I suggest you look at websites such as ghanafind or to find the sort of accommodation you require.
If you want a high paying job here you need to be recruited from overseas and get accommodation and benefits on top of your salary otherwise you are probably looking at around $1000 per month if you are lucky.

hi bro...if u are already in Ghana and u still facing accommodation problems connect (xxx) with me..i can show u around get u the best deals very secured and easy access to town. if you are also in the market to buy, i have better options for u to select from. i can introduce u to the diverse lifestyle of accra. Good day

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Hi Brother I plan to move to Ghana in april or May of 2018 but I plan to visit in October of this year 2017 I definitely wanna enjoy Ghana but also want to find housing, open a business and get myself completely established

Thank you

I am from Ghana but currently live NY. Relocating back to Ghana for good in October to start business as well.

Lets connect . I can be of help regarding helping you find accommodation and give you the right tips since I grew up in Ghana so I know both worlds and can understand ayou and help guide you much better.

Have you moved or still contemplating?   i am from Ghana but work in NY in finance and I.T.
I will be relocating to Ghana in October to start own consulting business in finance and ERP support systems. I grew up in Ghana  so i understand both worlds and your area of expertise.

Lets connect if you still need help relocating.


Thanks brother please contact me on via Email, Text, or Facebook


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Akwaaba. I would love to help your stay in GHANA enjoyable one.I am a network engineer by profession and married with a kid. Lived in GHANA all my life.I play lawn tennis,Soccer and fun to be with. Again ,you are welcome.

Keep in touch.



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