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Hi Everyone,
I am currently trying to rent our 5 bedroom furnised house in Tema (Community 22)
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I got the feedback that we need tp put a generator due to power issues in Ghana. Please I need advice on this matter.

1. How do I know which type, size, shape and so on of gernator I would need?
2. What are the average prices to purchase a generator?
3. What are the avarage cost to mainatin a generator. Does it run on gas, diesel or anything else???
4. Do I charge this cost in te rent price or additional to the rent price (service cost) ?
5. Where do I buy one if this generator? Are thier thier normally additional cost for installation???

Thank u in advance for the help.

Thank u in advanc

You could contact a reputable company like Deng although I haven't used them myself. They would let you know the size you would require and install it but there would be installation fees. The guy who takes care of the house would probably have to be responsible for making sure it had fuel and checking the oil. You could probably pay some form of mainenance contract so that they would come out to fix it if it went wrong and also do routine maintenance. You would need to increase the price to reflect your costs but make the tenant responsible for putting fuel in it.
I don't know how all these things work because we have solar panels batteries and an inverter so have no experience of running a generator but with 24 hours off and 12 hours on some form of backup power supply is essential

you can contact G & J Technical Services Ltd.

Thank u so much for your feedback.
@Hkann do you have the website or contact information of Deng?

If you Google Deng Ghana you will find all the information

I bought a Generator from SAMIVA Limited at Adjiringanor / East Legon (closer to Boundary Road).

To your questions:

1. They can certainly come and survey your place and recommend required size of Generator, I am not sure if their might be a charge on this service though.

2. For their prices, I did look around a bit but could not find a better offer, this was the ultimate reason to buy from SAMIVA (besides the warm reception at their office).

3. Their Generators run on diesel, it depends what size of generator you purchase but each generator has a max. and min. fuel consumption rating.

4. They also offer generators for rent. You must pay for transportation of the generating set and you must pay for fuel.

I must add, that I experience an outstanding sales service and maintenance, both in price and quality.

They also have stabilizers and UPS to protect Fridge / Freezer. They also cater professional equipment to TV Stations, Radio Stations, Banks, Hospitals and Communication Providers.

Just google SAMIVA for their website or visit directly

Hope this helps ^^

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