Marriage in Morocco

Hi everyone, I am an Aussie getting married in Morocco next March and have a question. I  am aware that I need a no impediment to marriage certificate from Australia, but Im also told that I need a capacity of marriage also. Can anyone please shed some light on this for me. Do I in fact need a capacity of marriage or is the no impediment to marriage the same. And If I actually do need it, where would I get it, as there is no Australian embassy in Morocco.
Thanks in advance guys x

Hi Dmc 1972,

there is a brand new Australia-NZ embassy in Rabat -Morocco.
Normally you should get there the documents needed, even if, in general they require a no impediment certificate (for US citizens for example)

But suggest you check directly … rriage.pdf

Hey how are you. Thanks for the reply. I dont think the aust embassy in Morocco is actually open yet. But i know is happening.

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