health insurance vs benefit package - for residence application ?

I found out that expats are required to prove that they have medical insurance as part of their application for Romanian residence.

If one does not have an EHIC insurance card from their home country (as is my case), I am told they can get private health insurance.

However, I am running into a small technical and semantic issue that I am hoping someone has experience with.

I contacted the private insurance providers in Romania, and they tell me that "health insurance" is only for businesses and that as an individual I can only apply for a "benefit package", which covers only part of the cost of medical expenses.

Does anyone know for sure if a "benefit package" from one of these providers is what I will need to show when applying for residence?

Also, which government office does one go to apply for said residence? If I knew I would call them myself to ask. Thank you all in advance !

See my post on the "Health Insurance" thread. The programs at Regina Maria are acceptable for residency. The cost is affordable--my program is 99 lei a month. There are associated costs, of course. To see a specialist runs about 40 lei. Again, very affordable compared to what I paid out-of-pocket in the USA. And, the care is good.

Feel free to contact me via private message if you have any questions.

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