HCMC or Da Nang?

Hi guys!

I'm planning to visit Vietnam for atleast a month early next year but i need help in figuring out whether to stay in HCMC or Da nang. I don't mind the city life or being near the beach or stuff like that. As long as there is a stable internet connection of atleast 3-4mbps and a quiet area to work on at night i'll be good to go. Any suggestions/tips will be greatly appreciated.


Two different and good choices. If your only criteria are internet and quiet areas at night, they both have nice hotel rooms. Flip a coin!

(probably doesn't answer your open-ended question but those are difficult/impossible to answer :unsure , specific questions will get better responses!)

If you are staying for a month why not split your visit and stay in both locations...

I just wanted to make sure internet works uninterrupted on both areas.  Maybe i'll split my visit in both locations indeed!

Both in HCMC or Da Nang, Wifi is often free and strong at hotels and coffee shops

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