Expired re-entry visa for my dependants


My wife and son's re-entry visa was expired in Sep'2016. Both of them could not return because of my wife's delivery of new child. Both their iqamas are valid until Sep'2017 (I renewed them after they left KSA). I am planning to take them back here in March'2017 which is within 7 months of expiry of re-entry visa. Could anyone please advice me,

1. Can I bring them in same re-entry visa in March'2017 after the process involved with Jawazat and embassy?
2. Is there any penalty for the expired re-entry visa?
3. Since I plan to take them in March 2017 only, should I start any paperwork right now or can i wait close to February to start all the process?
4. Which process to begin with? a) Re-entry renewal process of my wife and son or b) my newborn's visa papers or c) can both be done simultaneously together?

Appreciate your time


Embassies usually extend expired ERE for 2-3 weeks, March is a long haul and it might not be approved unless it's a severe medical condition.

You need to check their current status from Jawazat. As per MoL rules, they might have been banned from any kind of KSA visas for three years.

No, I checked the details with the Jawazat, they are very much active and upon enquiry i was told their name will appear active until their iqama expiry

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