Procedure for Transfer of Iqama for Mahram

Hi, I am currently a dependent on my wife's visa and have found a job in KSA as well. However the company's representative says that the iqama for mahram is not being transferred by the system. I have completed all formalities and am unable to understand. Is there any ruling regarding this? What is the easiest way to transfer my iqama to the new employer? If i choose to go on final exit, will there be any problem for my wife? Kindly guide me in this matter.

Transfer from wife sponsorship to a company is possible. You will need to get a demand letter from your prospective employer and submit this to your wife's company / sponsor. They have to release you or give you the two letters of release to your new sponsor and can be transferred.

can i ask the procedures of transferring my iqama to my husbands sponsor?

walaikum salam,

For dependents the sponsor is their husband only and not husbands sponsor. Are you getting a job with the same sponsor ? Or are you asking about the process to transfer to your husband.

all of the above..
if i can be dependent, and my husband is my sponsor,what are the procedures?
i'm also applying a job for the same sponsor but i'm not yet hired.
can i ask all possible procedures so that i can get out in my old the way, my work is a household service worker. looking forward for your response.

thank you so much...

If you are currently a domestic worker then it will be difficult to move to a new employer, unless he specifically gives you release to another person / sponsor in the same profession.

However, you can transfer your sponsorship if you get released from your current sponsor to your husband and this requires only for the sponsor to release you.

yes i know, that it will be very difficult to transfer to a new employer. it should be in the same profession.

i already talked to my current employer about the transferring of my iqama to my husband and he permits me, what i'm trying to ask is how will i start/steps in processing?

Since you are currently domestic worker, there is nothing that you can start to transfer the sponsorship except to speak to your sponsor about releasing you to either your husband or his sponsor. Once he agrees for this he and the new sponsor will approach the labor office / passport office for the transfer process.

ah,okay...we already talked about that matter of transferring and he agreed..

thank you so much..

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