catch 22 of maktab amal


we transferred a worker in our company about 40 days, his iqama was already expired. after transfer went through next sunday when we wanted to renwew his iqama we went to maktab amal website to get the receipt number for his rukhsa amal we could not so we went to maktab amal and they gave us a receipt number which we later found out was money for his final exit. now he has final exit in maktab amal but not in jawazat. we can not transfer any more workers because his iqama is outstanding so we thought of putting kharoob on him so we could get the other workers transferred in our company but even to put haroob on this worker we need to have his rukhsa amal renewed. we went back and forth like 200 times in maktab amal no one knows anything. yesterday a gentalman in maktab amal told us wait another 20 days his 60 days of final exit will complete (thats all he said) so i figured after 60 days worker's final exit will automatically will be cancelled.

any advice will b appreciated.


Please need your help!!!
I have transfered to new company but same issue my Rukhsa amal and SADAD number is not updated to new employer........How to pay the Fees for Rukhsa amalupdate bcs we cannot generate SADAD number.......My Absher MOI account is updated and shown new Sponsor company name..........whatsup/Call/ msg on ***..


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