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Count myself lucky to meet 2 non-ethical companies who doesn't abide the terms listed on the employment contract. It states either party has to give a specfic period of termination. It's mutual to agreed by both parties for any early release without any compensation. I was ask to leave without any salary-in-lieu without my agreement and it looks like nothing I can do except to oblige. I could go to Labor Dept to file a complaint but its going to drag time. The 1st company, refuses to pay because I was the one who initiate termination so after much argument from me, finally agreed to pay me 1 month salary-in-lieu instead of 2 months 10 days.  The 2nd company, refuses to pay 2 weeks salary-in-lieu.   These 2 companies actually break the compliance regulation and if found out by their customers, business can be on a standstill. I hate to make this kind of move as its going to affect livinghood of others.  But if no one is going to stand out, there will be more similar cases right?

I have no idea what your particular circumstances are. All I will tell you, is that if this business is implementing unethical practices, it is your duty to expose that. Otherwise, they will continue doing the same to others. What type of business is this? For that matter, what is the business name? All I can say for myself is that if I am ever victimized through unethical business practices, I would feel obligated to spread the word about them.

I agree wholeheartedly with your train of though :-).  For in the majority of situations (especially in many sticky fingered and morally questionable entities in corporate America--LOL); the only way to combat such--or at least to address it (without wearing blinders)--is to go 'hear-on' and 'frontal' by making your voice known (and not backing down).

While such is never fun and usually results in some un-pleasantries (meaning that sometimes; one may win many battles but not the actual war); at least you know that 1) you can sleep at night (LOL), 2) you have done your very best to address the issue and 3) you have exposed the issue to the light (for all to see); which usually means getting the higher-ups in government involved (such as the attorney general and other legal enforcers).

I have been engaged in some interesting scenarios within the corporate sector (for the past 20+ years)--some great and some small (the small stuff is mainly the company being a jerk (LOL) and trying to 'run the show' when in reality; they have no standing)--which is why I can enlighten you other people in this arena.

But you should be OK my friend:  just hold your head high, stand your ground and know that you will be helping to combat unpleasantness (even if you are not able to see immediate fruits of your labor; somewhere along the line and down the road, know that a difference--no matter how large or small for the moment--is being realized).  Take care.

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