Pets in Mauritius

Hello everyone,

Many of us in Mauritius have four-legged friends. What about you? Do you have one or more pets? Share your experience with us!

What are the formalities to import pets in Mauritius? What about pet adoption procedures in the country? Did you bring your pet from your home country to your host country? If so, did everything turn out fine?

What do Mauritians think about pets? Are they comfortable with dogs, cats or unusual pets?

Share your advice!


Hello everyone ...hope you had a nice weekand and doing good.Well  since 4 years I am here .in starting I had a pair  of very cute  white rabbits. I used to leave them free outside loan of my house .one day I came back but did not see them .I have searched every corner of my house and outside but couldn't find .It was really sad .they were a family like .I used to play with them in outside loan.they were very active and cute.
After that I never again adopt any pet at home .

What about you?

I adopted two street dogs while in Mauritius.
Quite frankly, I'm surprised to see the sentence "many of us in Mauritius have four-legged friends." In my experience, most Mauritians who have dogs treat them as an alarm system, certainly not as a friend.
The way dogs are treated is actually the object of a petition online: … mauritius. The comments to articles I've read about that petition in Mauritians newspapers such as L' are actually very hateful towards dogs and call for brutal extermination - even if this has proven absolutely inefficient in reducing the number of stray dogs.
In the meantime, dogs that are breeds like German shepherds or Dachshund are stolen and made to reproduce as much as possible before being abandoned.
I also noticed that a lot of Mauritians are actually afraid of dogs and have absolutely no idea as to how to handle them: they run away or throw things at them, and then pretend the dogs are dangerous, when the dogs are actually the ones being attacked.
People are mostly uneducated when it comes to sterilization, and will simply abandon unwanted litters - and then complain about the stray dogs.
I am appalled by the way dogs are treated in Mauritius, both by the population and the government, and would strongly urge any person who doesn't stand for animal cruelty to stay away from the island and spread the information so that maybe, maybe, the government will feel enough pressure to change its politics.
Sorry if this sounds negative but if the aim of this forum is to help people, I believe telling the truth is important!

"would strongly urge any person who doesn't stand for animal cruelty to stay away from the island and spread the information so that maybe, maybe, the government will feel enough pressure to change its politics. "

Just curious and seriously , if that's the case - albeit the fact that the population needs serious education wrt dogs - owning and treating them in a humane way , why are you still on the island?

I'm not :). I left mid-August, after three years, which was the length of my contract. I could have extended it for an extra year but did not want to.
To be honest, I do feel like I could have done more to help the dogs while I was there - I had no idea who to contact, and I knew I was only there temporarily and could only take so many dogs with me when I left, so I ended up leaving some dogs who needed help in the streets because I could not foster them and did not know who to turn to... It's only when I organized a sterilization campaign in my last year there that I met people involved in helping out stray dogs and educating people, so I send them a little money, and I try to bring awareness to the issue any way I can, in the hope that maybe it will make a little difference. :)

How about animals adopting humans !!!.   A few months ago while sitting on my veranda a ginger and white cat came up to me looking very hungry and started talking to me .  I gave the cat some food and it ate it and went away .  I thought it would not come back , later that day it came back and was purring and nudging its head to me as if to say thank you .  The cat who I now call Ginger is very clean , no fleas or bites whatsoever it is domesticated and always goes outside to go to the toilet.  I believe the cat has been abandoned as it is very tame and friendly .  Recently I was ill with the flu and normally as cats do they like to go about their business each day patrolling their patch, but Ginger saw I was ill and stayed with me all night and all day talking to me every two hours to wake me up to see if I was ok.  When I was coughing or sneezing Ginger made a sort of crying type of Miaow as if to say that he was sad that I was not well.
When I go out he always comes and says goodbye at the gate .   Also a very strange thing happened which I cannot explain only in that Ginger is very compassionate.  If I go out I always leave him some food outside and the other day the door was open and I could see this poor little kitten come up to  eat some of this food, normally if Ginger sees another cat near the food it is a stand-off and a quick chase away. Not this time he just went outside and sat nearby and let the kitten eat and drink milk and he seemed to understand that the poor kitten was hungry just like the first day he came to me .
Yes so you see the cat has adopted me !!!!

Pets in Mauritius
Animals in Mauritius

Before I begin to give an honest and informed opinion about this subject. Can I please ask all who are for animals welfare to donate to the amazing organisations who really do their very best to affect change On behalf of the voiceless.Please just watch the video on the March about the treatment of animals at Msaw in what should be called the extermination and torturing chamber of that organisation. This is not the first time that this govenement funded organisation have been exposed.

Although quite of few of us/ Mauritians treat our animals dogs as part the the family, there are others who would tell you a dogs should be treated as a dog.. whatever that is supposed to mean. Dogs are there to bark to warn that someone is calling, tied up all day.. sometimes outside gates in all weathers. People like puppies  but these get abandon  when they get old ,ill or injured. Dogs are subjected to regular beating at time ending up with broken bones, they get stones thrown at them if they dare venture near a neighbours property. The majority of dogs owners that I know don't vaccinate, deworm/ deflea their animals. In my village recently several dogs were poisoned because the restauranters object to seeing them on the road.

If you are an animal lover, forget having a relaxing day out around the island..there are thin stray dogs with several undernourished puppies on every beach,  far much worse in the South.
Laws are not enforced... pets are supposed to be registered, btw they can be sterilised and microchip for free. Owners can easily be traced should they abandon their dogs. As far as I know animal welfare is not on any political party's agenda's.  The previous government allowed thousands of monkeys to be taken from the wild then sent abroad for the most painful experiments. After a lot of pressure from animal organisations such as cruelty free international,  the practice of taking them from the wild has stopped, instead monkeys are now bred in captivity in Mauritian farms.

I am sorry about the person who lost their pet rabbits, this is another common occurrence amongst some of us.. one has to guard any thorough bred dogs or cats or they just disappear.

Any one who would like an animal please adopt stray dogs and cats. we have so many that need good homes. Have a look at "save our strays", Paws websites.. msaw also have animals for adoption.

As a  volunteer  at Paws sterilisation sessions  which solely operate by donations, I cannot praise them enough for their commitment in providing an amazing service to stray animals.

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