Pets in Egypt

Hello everyone,

Many of us in Egypt have four-legged friends. What about you? Do you have one or more pets? Share your experience with us!

What are the formalities to import pets in Egypt? What about pet adoption procedures in the country? Did you bring your pet from your home country to your host country? If so, did everything turn out fine?

What do Egyptians think about pets? Are they comfortable with dogs, cats or unusual pets?

Share your advice!


I am an experienced traveller with pets.
I have travelled to many different countries with my little Chihuahua and have entered and left Egypt with him on about 25 occasions . I travel from Russia where I live with my Russian wife, but I'm an Englishman (not that that makes any difference).
             There extremely strict regulations which apply in Russia for taking bets on aircraft, quite apart from the rules which the aircraft apply themselves. The dog must have a veterinary certificate showing that all inoculations are up-to-date,  because without that. a dog or cat will not be allowed a boarding pass. Every pet travelling in the cabin with the owner must be in an approved container . Some carriers need to be advised well in advance if you intend to take a bet on board and want to carry it with you in the In the cabin. Again various carriers have different rules but the general rule is that no pet over 8 kg in weight can be taken into the cabin and must travel in the cargo hold. Naturally , there is a fee for taking your pet on an aircraft. I have only ever had to put my little dog in the cargo hold twice, once when the carrier refused any pets in the cabin and the other occasion was when I did not give enough notice to the carrier.
When arriving in Egypt things are usually quite lax. Sometimes the authorities require  to see the veterinary certificate and sometimes they do not. I suppose they realise that in order to get the dog out of the country where you live there are pretty stringent rules and you would have to have a veterinary certificate in order to get the dog on the aircraft.
               One of the problems I encountered in Egypt is when walking my little dog, he is in danger of attack from street dogs (which abound.
                As far as my Egyptian friends reaction to a dog, 99% of them love him and will pick him up and play with him. I have only had one person in my house who was horrified when my little dog ran out to greet him. " Keep him away from me I am a Muslim"
People in the street love him and make jokes about his size "Don't you feed him?"
However,  no Muslim, whether he loves dogs or doesn't love dogs will allow a dog to come into contact with his clothes before he prays. To them a dog is not ritually clean. That does not mean to say that they consider dogs to be  dirty.,  but before praying a Muslimmust be in a state of complete cleanliness .                     Getting out of the country with my little dog requires a veterinary certificate again and prior consultation with the carrier . On presenting myself at the check-in desk, the dogs veterinary certificate is always carefully inspected . . There are very few carriers who refused to take dogs in the cabin now. You must prepare carefully beforehand though
              I have no experience of people with unusual pets such as boa constrictors or monkeys or whatever.
               I know many people who've exported dogs from Egypt and only require is a knowledge of what your country needs by way of documentation to bring a dog into the country. Veterinary certificates are easier to obtain here and if you are thinking of adopting a dog you should take it to the vet immediately and have all its injections done because some of them have to do be done six weeks in advance of travel

We have what peopl in Luxor call a land dog, he was born to a dog that lived off the land. We got him at 6 weeks old and was told normally land dogs live on average 2 years. He is now 7 yeas, his diet is 4 chicken breadt fillets  every week, 2 kilo of chicken liver every week, 2 kilo of mince beef every week, mixed with purina biscuits,he is a very healthy dog, has his own bed and duvet, even his own pillow. He has the freedom of our villa, both upstairs and downstairs. He is an excellent guard dog, ask the thief who tried to break in one early morning, and left with bites to his arms and legs, a big piece torn from his galbaya, and a shoe missing. But not once has he shown his teeth or attempted to bite me or my wife. He hears things we don't and always lets us know. He is loving, and if we have to go out for a couple of hours we get a warm welcome home. When we have our afternoon rest, so does he, sleeping in his bed at the side of us under his duvet. At 7 years old he now weighs 28 kilo, and is full of muscle and very fit. The other day I was on  the sofa, our doorbell rang he came out of the bedroom and without touching the sofa or myself jumped over me and ran straight to the front door of the villa

GHi Pricilla
About 3 years  ago I had a kitten wander in to my apartment. She was very determined to adopt me so, what could I do? After the first litter of kittens  and I must say she wasn't a very good mother, I had her desexed Eight months later she  mysteriously disappeared.  A friend gave me another kitten. Of course she fell pregnant but sadly for her only one kitten survived.  Again I kept it!  Now I am the proud owner of seven yes that's right 7 cats. Five were females Each female has cost me 600 pounds to be desexed
Expensive yes but again what can you do. I could never abandon an animal and they are all so adorable
My neighbors call me the "cat woman"

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