Exit Saudi entering Bahrain via causeway

Can u help me, I am exiting Saudi Arabia and I want to go Bahrain for a visit I have a relative and friends there just for 2weeks can I go directly to causeway buy a visa? Or what if I have already a visa I can go directly to causeway?
Do I have to get or book a flight from Bahrain? Can u tell me what's the way beat to go there? I mean the procedure?

Thank you.

You live in Khobar right? Just take the bus ( - you can reserve) or hire a taxi. Pre-arranged visa is not needed. You'll get it from the causeway.

It's depends on your profession on your iqama if it is good than there is no visa fees or otherwise you have to pay few riyals at border but normally they give visa for three days than you have to come back and go again if you wish

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