Problem in getting exit re-entry visa online

Good day to all
I am facing problem in getting my exit re entry visa online. It says "Problem in data entry please visit passport office".
I have tried it from jawazat but i couldn't get any info and there is no positive response.
Can anyone please guide me how to solve this issue and get exit re-entry visa online??.
If anyone of you people faced this issue and resolved it, please guide me how to get out of this fix.
Thank you

You doing it for your self or family?

what exactly jawazat said about this?

Forget about thus issue go jawazat anf apply your exiy enter from their you will get it in half hour.

Must take 2 photo and original iqama n passport of applicant with u n fill a form which u can get from jawazat office or from agent in sar 10/-

I am doing if for myself, last time when i went to
jawazat they said Pakistanis can go home only once a year, and that was my second time. So they were not providing me exit re-entry and after continous try for 3 months i got exit re-entry from jawazat with very difficulty. That issue was only for those who were getting exit re-entry from jawazat manually. The ones who were getting online they had no issue and everything was smooth. So thats why i am trying to get my exit re-entry online, but there it shows error in data entry and to visit passport office. And i have to correct this error so that i will not face this problem again and for that online exit re-entry is necessary.


is your problem resolve, kindly let me know if you fix this issue. because i am facing the same issue.

my personal email is ***

it really help full for me, and so may others.

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