Hi all getting prepared to move to iceland in july ,myself and partner along with my eleven year old daughter are planning on visiting in april to check things out. I understand accommodation can be difficult. We would be looking for short term stay around 8/4/17 for one to two weeks in the hope of securing a residence for july .any advice on this and also would the east coast of rejevick be a good place to rent for work schools etc.we are thinking out side of rejevick or close to as rent seems quiet high in the center .many thanks

Could you be more specific about what you mean by the east coast of Reykjavik? There isn't really a "coast" of the city, and particularly to the east, there is no coastline.

as with most cities, living in the suburbs is cheaper though.

Sorry I meant west coast maybe near kopavogur all ive seen of iceland are pictures and what I've read I'm clueless as to which area we should be looking at.

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