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I understand purchasing land in Cambodia needs to be registered under a khmer persons name, can someone please clarify how this works?
Anyone have any experience of this themselves? I.e who did you use for your land etc



Jake ,
I had experienced as my dad stand for Germany guy to buy property such land or house here , between you need to find out who is trust and good relationship , then. You selected then to be you partner , you have to make  letter agreed with Khmer guy representative of you to buy land or house and sale later .
I think it's benefit for you later as investment in land ..
Noted : all legal land title you need to keep ..
Cheers ,

Here is the info you are looking for.

If the link is removed, search on google with the following

cambodia nominee land ips

The first result should be the one.  Otherwise look for the article with this title "Nominee Structure for Foreign Buyers – How does it Work?"

Good luck

Gday Jack,
I'm in Vietnam and it's a similar deal here, but only recently they allowed foreigners to "own " property.  BUT it's leasehold in reality with strings attached.

I've been juggling the thoughts of buying a place for 5 years here, BUT I keep coming back to the peace of mind and flexibility of renting . I'd love to have my own place (like back in Oz) but we are in a different ball game here.

You haven't got to worry about getting shafted, ( there's NO Rule of Law) ,haven't got to worry about selling if you decide to move on,  haven't got to worry about dickhead neighbours moving in next door, etc etc etc.   

It's good to have your $$ capital in your safe haven bank account, investment fund etc  & pay ridiculously low rent in these countries.  You have the flexibility to move when you like .   

Funny things can happen once the locals know you have "anchored" money here,,,,eg..bought a house or business etc.  That gives them leverage to play games with you .  You don't need that in your life.

Keep it simple , get a nice place & most landlords won't mind you adding your own personal touch to the place.   I've repainted, installed new AC , different lights,  taps etc and any maintenance I do and pay for myself.  The owner appreciates that and will get the place back in better condition .

Think about it,  No Hooks, No Baggage, No Passengers.

And as they've said above....wherever you lay your hat, that's home.

Thanks for getting back to me.

Where abouts in Vietnam? I've travelled south East Asia many a time and now have realised that out there is where I truly want to be.

I have a bar over in England and a brit on my travels bought some land in kampot and said to me that she would advise on buying land and building your own guesthouse etc.

What would your opinion on that be?

Once again thanks for getting back to me.



I'm in Nha Trang, it's a beautiful place but I'm thinking of moving purely for a change.

As for buying , it's a personal risk factor thing.  If your comfortable buying a property in another persons name in corrupt Asian countries with virtually NO rule of law ,,,,,,give it a go.  😂😂 

I have friends that have done that and regretted it.   Malaysia has  a system that's probably the safest,  but it ain't cheap.   Expats have to spend about $300+ K to get into the market. 

You may like this ... I'm going to Hong Kong in a couple of weeks to meet up with an old work buddy.  He's with an Investment Bank there .   He's already told me NOT to even mention the thought of buying a place in Vietnam when we are out with his work colleagues.    He said they'll think your an idiot .   😆😆😆

I'll take that as a hint.

You've probably heard the saying .....if it floats ,flys or F[at] it.     That's very relevant here, you just have to add a roof to that .

It's a good feeling, stay on the balls of your feet, keep your cash in safe havens, and enjoy the good life here.   NO Hooks, NO Baggage, No Passengers.

Thanks again for getting back to me.

I have been to nha trang. Was amazing. How do you find your places?

I feel like looking online from the UK is a waste of time and should just bite the bullet, head out and find something whilst out there.

The best option is to just turn up, get a cheap hotel for a month or so, about $300 month and just start looking around.

It shouldn't take long to find a place.  If your outside the Tourst circle the rents drop by about 40/50%., and your still on the beach .   It's a building bonanza here at the moment, apartments springing up everywhere so prices will be at a bargain.

As I said before, the thought of buying a place here has never appealed. Why buy a cow when they're virtually giving the milk away.   

Ill be in Cambodia next month. I know a couple of guys in Sihanoukville.   I did consider shifting there, but there's so much more to do in Nha Trang. 


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