getting married with cambodian girl

hello to everybody..
my girlfriend and me decided to get married and we are considering the easier way to do all the documents.. the new law for marriage in cambodia says that many documents have to be prepared if a foreigner wants to get married with a cambodian girl but from what i could read in internet it seems to be valid only if the wedding is in cambodia..
for getting married abroad it is enough that the girl get the certificate of single state..
am i correct?
can somebody tell me which office provide the certificate of single state in cambodia?
thanks in advance

Hi and welcome to Adry :)

I hope other members will be able to advise you soon!


I would like to know the answer myself as I am in a similar situation.I have heard it is better to get married in Thailand this means my girl friend can travel with me for work.

I suggest you read MadMaxs' thread as he has recently married his Cambodian wife outside of Cambodia in Hong Kong, apparently easier than Thailand...

What you need in Thailand is her "Affirmation of Freedom to Marry" document, which she can get at her local government office where she was born, or in Phnom Penh. The Cambodian Embassy in Bangkok will NOT issue it. Once you have that document, you can go to Bangkok, get all the necessary documents, get them translated into Thai. It's all written up pretty well on the internet. Less trouble and expense than Cambodia, and less of a hassle. Once you have all the papers filed, you can have a ceremony any where in Thailand you like.
Chroeb and I had to go to Hong Kong, as I am 67, and Cambodian law prohibits me from marrying a Khmer!

What do you mean with "Once you have that document, you can go to Bangkok, get the necessary documents." Where can you get the documents? Cambodian embassy in Bangkok? What is the internet address where we can find this information. Many thanks.

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I am Cambodian and I would like to get married to my American boyfriend during Christmas, but he not have enough time to apply for married Licence in Cambodia.
We thinking about getting married in Thailand or Hong Kong. Which country is the easiest way to get married? Will my marriage certificate in Hong Kong or Thailand legally in Cambodia?
*** I have divorced degree already translate in English what else I need to get married in Thailand or Hong Kong?

I suggest getting in contact with the Thailand and Hong Kong embassies.  They will have that information.

Hi MadMax888.
                              You mentioned in your post regarding marriage in Cambodia, that the law did not allow you at 67 to marry Khmer lady, do you know what age this law starts from.

Kind regards


50 years of age is the limit for foreigners to officially marry a Khmer woman.

Some foreign men over 50 years are managing to register their marriage in Cambodia (although only a trickle and up to about 55 or 56).  Traditionally, a Cambodian lady should marry and register the marriage in Cambodia - which is an insurance to see the rest of the world with her husband.  The age and income limits were introduced in 2011 as a way of reducing the level of young women trafficked out of the country.  The evidence for this was spurious at the time.  The ruling is not yet law and was considered unconstitutional by human rights organisations.  If true love exists between the foreign man and the Cambodian lady, she should approach the Minister of State at the Ministry of Interior and make her case.  She will then make a decision as to whether or not to progress the marriage application. The Minister will need to meet the man and make a judgement.  If you are a young looking 55 year old and look smartly dressed at the interview, there should be no problem.  The alternative is to go to court and argue your case - which is the constitutional right of a Cambodian citizen.

I am planning on marrying my Cambodian girlfriend in Thailand. I am English and we have been together for eleven years now. I have all my documents apart from the “affirmation of freedom to marry document” I can get mine in Bangkok but can my partner get her document from the Cambodian Embassy in Bangkok? I mean you can get this document online so could we do that as it would be much easier.

We both live in Vietnam at the moment. She has a full passport, house book, and her birth certificate, so I believe that this document is all we need now to complete the marriage in Bangkok.

Also if anyone has a link for info on getting married in Hong Kong it would be much appreciated.

my girlfriend has gone to Cambodia to where she was born. She is going to see the Chief of Commune and ask for the "Affirmation to marry document" does she need to fill this form in there and get it signed and can this guy do that for her?
Or can we now take that document to Bangkok and get it signed at the Cambodian embassy there. This is the last document we need as we have everything else.

Any help much appreciated.

Wow hope some one jumps in   Come on Expats where r u?????

I have answered this in another thread by the same poster :)

Update on affirmation to marry doc. The Chief of commune in Cambodia signed and stamped the affirmation to marry document for $40. He charged more than the usual $10 because I wasn't there and he had no ID of mine. So we can now go to Thailand and make appointments. I just need to get my Affirmation doc from the British Embassy in Bangkok then we get everything including: passports, house book, ID's, birth certificates, translated. And we are all set to sign on the dotted line. 

Have a good day.

Thanks for the information - I am a 50YO Australian working in Hong Kong. I have a Khmer partner and we have a 2 year old son together. I am looking to get married to her in Thailand or Hong Kong and make it all legal and recognized for her partner / dependent HK visa, at the same time, being regognised in Australia.

Yes we got everything done in Bangkok except getting the marriage document. Cambodians are only allowed two weeks. By the time we had arranged my appointments and affirmation to marry got that translated then couldn't find anyone to translate the cambodian affirmation we had to leave.
So we are looking to head back soon and finish what we started. So once you have the affirmations to marry, get them translated as soon as possible, before you go to Thailand if you can as it is all very time consuming.  The short Cambodian visas really don't help things.

Good Luck ..

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