Cambodian Police Clearance Certificate- HELP!!

Hi everyone,

I'm looking for help if anyone knows how to get the Police Clearance Certificate without currently living in Cambodia. I lived and work in Battambang for 1 year in 2017 but now I'm back in Italy and I'm preparing all documents to go to Canada with "working-holiday" Visa.

(I have 19 days left to get all the requested documents, so it is a bit pressing)

I'm trying to contact the Cambodian offices but no answer, I emailed the Italian embassy in Bangkok and I'm waiting for a response.

Please, if anyone can help me .... Thank you !

I am literally having the EXACT same problem now :( I lived in Battambang for total 9.5 months and the  process to get a police certificate seems like a nightmare!

I did find these instructions (below) from the British Embassy which do outline how you get one:
however I have no idea how someone can do this without actually being in Cambodia! Good luck and if you find anything else out let me know please!

The British Embassy does not issue the police clearance certificate to British and other nationalities; however, a foreigner in Cambodia can obtain a police clearance report for period when they were resident in Cambodia from the Ministry of Justice.
There are 3 steps to process:
From YOU:
 Get your accommodation rental agreement/s translated into Khmer
 2 Passport photograph (Size 40mmx60mm)
 Copies of your passport and visa pages for the duration of your residency.

At the Commune:
 Take the rental agreement/s together with the passport photograph, and copies of your passport & visa to the commune responsible for the area where you live.
 Complete the form issued by the commune (only issued and must be completed in Khmer language) to obtain a Residence Certificate.
If you have lived in more than one commune, you will need to get the Residence Certificate from each commune.

At the Ministry of Justice
Take the Residence Certificate with the completed CV document (copy can be obtained from the Ministry of Justice) to the Ministry of Justice.
It will take up to 20+ working days to obtain a Police Clearance Report
The Ministry of Justice is located at:
N0. 240, Sothearuos Boulevards
Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Telephone / Fax: +855 (0)23 364 119

hi alice,

thanks a lot for those clear structured informations *thumbsup*

unfortunately I can't help with a concrete information.
but maybe with an idea: are there any agents for visa and permit issues?

you know? you pay them, they finish the process, in shortest time.


Hello guys.

A pity you don't google enough. Here is an extract of a Wikiprocedure page [link will follow] that states:

Applicants can authorize someone to apply for the Police Certificate for him/her. The applicant should complete an authorization form (the sample of the form is available at Criminal Office at Ministry of Justice), who can submit the completed forms at the Criminal Office. However, if the applicant is in Cambodia, they will be required to submit the form for themselves.

Required Information

    Name of resident
    House address
    How long/length of stay that the resident stayed/ has stayed at that address

Here is the link to that site and on the site is also a link to the MoJ. … rtificate_(Certificate_of_Behaviour)

Good luck.

Cambodia expat-advisor team

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Good luck.


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