Husband's salary requirement for me to eligible to reside

Next June I am hoping to move to Kenya to be with my husband (who is Kenyan). Does anyone know how much he will need to earn to apply for me to live there? What will I need to submit from my bank or job here in the USA to help with the application?

Dear Tanzonholiday2016.
There is no specific amount of money that your husband need to be earning so that they can allow you to move to Kenya. he requirements for dependant pass are


◦The applicant must be Kenyan Holder of valid entry permit Exempted person under Immunities Act (Cap. 179) and who are covered under section 4(3) (a) to (g) .
◦Application form dully filled and signed
◦Copy of the national passport of the dependant .
◦Two passport size photos of the dependant.
◦Copy of birth certificate or marriage certificate for immediate family members If the institution is relatively new a copy of registration must be submitted together with the application .

However you might be required to find other permits if you don't plan to be a housewife as with a dependant pass you cannot work in Kenya.
Hope this helps.

Thank you Mwaniki. :-)

As far as I am aware, you would apply for the dependant pass once you are in Kenya, on a single entry visa.

Regarding other permits..........the dependant pass is far and away the easiest to obtain, in my experience.

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