Hello Guys,

One of my friend has an Carpenter visa. Can he apply for visit visa for his mother ?


For Oman..

Sumitran Sir,

I am waiting for your reply..
Kindly advise.

richsirsi1 :

Sumitran Sir,

I am waiting for your reply..
Kindly advise.

Hi richsirsi1,

Seems like I missed this post.

Well, a person holding a Carpenter Visa would not be earning R.O. 600/- per as monthly salary. Therefore he would not be eligible for family status. Which means, he is most likely staying currently in a company provided shared accommodation.

So bringing a family member on a visit would raise the question of where that visiting person would be accommodated. Not in a bachelor's shared accommodation for sure. I hope you have got your answer.

Thank you for your reply.
Basically he has package of R.O. 600/- per month plus accommodation.
Only thing is his visa is of an carpenter. He is trying to change his visa status but its taking a bit time.

As long as his official designation says 'Carpenter', he will not be able to bring one on a visit.

This is the problem employees will face when they are brought on any available job clearance.

That is why it is very important that the person makes sure the job he / she performs is the same as the one stated in his / her resident card.

Thanks a lot..

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