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I was trying to find out some information about beaches in Bahrain for is quite strange (for me) that even though Bahrain is an island there are limited information about swimming points/beaches....I would appreciate your insight ;)
By the way I have notice that in Amwaj there are flat/villas with so called "sea view" in the distance of 1-15 meters, but are these available for swimming?
Sorry for my silly question :rolleyes:

Thanx :)

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Hello and welcome back !

There are no silly questions but only inadequate answers :D
Actually you are so right ! In Europe, any square meter of sand or even stones sometimes would be colonised by gazillions of human beings dressed in a very doubtful way as long as they are along the sea :D
Bahrain is an archipelago and... almost nothing !
Actually my feeling is that the Bahrainis find our taste for beaches "amusing" ^^
Now the facts : to my knowledge, there is only one public beach in Bahrain. It's called Al Jazaira beach and you can see a picture of it here
(I don't know this blog/blogger, just found the pic there).
After that, a lot of resorts have decent private beaches. Going there will cost you from a few dinars to some expansive amounts, it depends on the category of the resort.
I think one of the most spectacular is at the Ritz Carlton. They have an man made laguna with a beautiful sand beach.
Besides Amwaj Island, one compound only has a private acccess to the see with to private beaches, and that's where I live :p
As far as Amwaj are concerned, see view doesn't beach :D
Amwaj is a land reclamed on the see and the new 'hype place' to be if you listen to many expats. Most of the flats / villas are with a view on the sea and there are some beaches as well. But a lot of the see borders are made of some kind of walls so that you can't go to the water from there. In the other hand, some (very expansive) villas have a small beach in front of their garden. I guess you will have to visit there to make your own opinion about it, personnaly I'm afraid I'm not too impartial about amwaj :p
I should add that here the sea water is very salted. When you come out of it you almost feel like your skin is a little sticky. On some beaches you can also walk quite far before the water goes over your waist. This is due to the silting of the Gulf and some of my European friends didn't find too pleasant their sea bath... But everyone knows how french people can be delicate   >_<

Hope this will help you make up your mind !

see you around soon...



As Olivier mentions, beaches can be pricey if you go via one of the hotels. But interestingly the prices will most likely not be liked by single people. I've heard prices from 20 to 25 Bd for single people, and 5 to 15 Bd for couples. I've not been to the beach yet, but judging from the temperature in the pool on the roof, it's a bit too cold.

If you find a good beach, take some photos and share! :) I would like to see a decent beach here.

Hi Oliver (Mr. Bahrain) :cool: and Knut. Coming from a country where we have beaches in every corner and possibility to swim at any time what you are describing as private beach does not sounds very appealing, also the Al Jazaira beach looks hmmm...
Sorry but I am puzzled, so in the summer time (May-Oct) the only option beside the "private beaches" are the pools??
From what I read finding a place near the the sea 1-5 meters is not an option since you cannot swim?? To be honest this sounds like a torture...having the sea in your porch and not being able to refresh yourself hmm..
So for example: (please note I am not advertising or so and this is just presented as an example to better understand the situation and choose a place that will fit me)
considering this apartment
or this one

that are literally in front of the sea would not be an option since you cannot use your "sea view" to swim? Am I right?

Question for Oliver:
"Besides Amwaj Island, one compound only has a private acccess to the see with to private beaches, and that's where I live :p"
Can you share plz. :rolleyes:
or should I just give up and consider a place with a pool? :D:D

PS: I do not know about the quality of the sea, but most definitely it will be better than any pool ;)


Some time ago, we went to a party at our friends place in Amwaj and my girlfriend did end up going for a swim in the canals there. So it is do-able. But when I asked my friend who had lived in Bahrain a few years about beaches and sea view before I came out, he laughed pretty hard and keeps reminding me occasionally. I am a pool man myself though, seems most buildings have pools on the roof where I live. They are a bit small though, but deep enough to do a few bombs and splash everyone trying to tan or read in peace.

The water looks relatively clean, but not sure on how the sewage treatment works. I know some other places in the ME just pump raw sewage into the sea, like Qatar and Dubai particularly.

Have any of u saw Lozi lake in bahrain?? or actuly whats left of it ?

Hi all & Expat 13 in particular on this thread,

I am living in Amwaj near Lagoon Park & have Sea views from all rooms in my apartment (although I'm on the 16th floor so can't really say I have access to the sea unless I buy a parachute!!).
Anyway, one choice for you would be Tala Island which has a private, very nice beach & pool reserved for residents & also it is surrounded by quite nice beach so lots of apartments do have direct access to the beach which looks a lot better than the remainder on Amwaj, like Olivier says a lot of them have walls down to the sea so not practical for swimming. Tala also has a little shopping centre with a Takeaway, Costa Coffee, mini-mart, laundry, a tennis court & a soon to be opened gym.

I've seen people swimming in the Lagoons on floating island but judging by the amount of boats there are I would think this will be a risky hobby!!

Tala has a good variety of villas & apartments available for rent at varying prices so you should find something to suit you.

Hope this helps

I think Knut argument on how clear is the water was on the point. Also as Andy mentions there are plenty of boats so...Thank you for the insight on Amwaj island Andy ;) 
I will have a look at Tala island since as Andy mentions it is maybe the only option to have "sea view" and have a swim :)
In case this doesnt work I think I will stick to the pools...and the "sea view". Maybe Juffair can combine this 2....I have seen in Mahooz places that definitely have both...I guess being close to Juffair it is the place to be, though I am not sure :)

Thank you once again on participating in this interesting discussion and my journey to finding accommodation, you help is always welcome :)

@ Expat13.
I have the contact details of two good agents who specialise in Amwaj properties & they both showed us Tala Island apartments when we were looking. I can post if required.

Hi Expat 13,

I'll send you my compound details by PM and an agent number who knows the landlord. I don't know if there is any vacancies nowadays but give it a try !



Thank you Andy and Oliver!!
Your help is always welcome!

Hello Olivier,

I know this  post is old, but could you PM me your compound details as well as your agent details. we might be moving to Bahrein in December, and would like to visit few villa close to the beach.

Kind Regards

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