How do you say the idea of "drama" in Vietnamese?

What's the vietnamese translation for "drama" in Vietnamese? Where in english one might use it to imply unwanted or unneed stress, pointless emotional distress, and a waste of energy?

Sorry if this is a funny way to explain this typeof feeling but it's my go to phrase to imply a waste of time and engeryover things that aren't actually important. Is there a way to say this or somthing similarin vietnamese without being so literal, which I've found doens't help things and just can cause more stress...haha


I've been thinking about your question the whole day yesterday. Still...struggling to find the right single word in vnmese for it. I would suggest the word "sinh chuyện", but i'm still not totally happy with it.
"Sinh" means to give birth, to create, to invent
"Chuyện" means story, "drama", trouble, something that unpleasant
When Vietnamese says this word to a person, it really means that that person is troublesome, thinking too much, or wanting to create trouble.

mau me?

mau for colour. Mau me is more flamboyant, outrageous, over-the-top.

The google translate for drama gives kich with the period under i.

Maybe a local Vietnamese can give more insight if 'kich' is the right word or close.

Say Đu  ma, dep  hết  di

9000:  I expect that one reason your are getting so many different responses is that you are using the word "drama" in it's more recent colloquial sense, meaning stressful interpersonal relations, rather than its basic usage, of a performance.  It is certainly more difficult to go from idiom to idiom.

From the  Drama:  Something women and especialy teenage girls thrive on. consisting of any number of situations that have an easy solution, wich would bring a fairly good outcome, but these girls choose another, shitty, bad way to deal with it, again consisting of backstabbing, blackmailing/gossiping/betraying their friends, or the all-too-common "I want to break up with him but i still love him!"
it drives men and what i like to call "normal" girls nuts.

A second less sexist definition is:  making a big deal over something unneccessarily [no spelling corrections made]

Hi all,

To be honest, at first, I do not really understand about the meaning of "drama" you want to translate. However, after reading the urbandictionary, I think I got it. It is like you exaggerate the minor problems or something, right?

Like in this sentence:
Sarah had a slight fever and mild cough. She decided to use drama, in order to receive sympathy and attention, so she told everyone she was deathly ill.

If so, in Vietnamese, it would be "làm quá lên" (làm: do, quá: too  lên: up=> overreact). The sentence above can be translated:

Sarah bị sốt và ho nhẹ. Nhưng mà cổ muốn làm quá lên để mọi người đồng cảm và chú ý, nên cổ nói mọi người là cổ bệnh rất nặng/ muốn chết.

I do not translate word by word because if so, that sounds totally not natural for us.

OK. I hope that helps you.

All the best,


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