Journalist looking to speak to London-based Cubans about education

Hello! I am a British / Peruvian journalist producing a podcast about education in Cuba. I have just returned from a trip there, my second. I would like to chat to Cubans living in London who have views on the education system, Educate Your Child programmes from the expat perspective. The interview will be recorded twice, once in spanish and once in english. If interested please email me at kary.stewart[at]

Many thanks

A note for posters.

This member is a well established UK journalist who works with a paper that has been published under its current title since 1959, and is part of a large independent UK media group.

The lack of replies suggests any Cubans in London are not users of this site, so that leaves searching for them physically as a possibility.
If I were looking for any given group of people, I'd head for where they're most likely to eat.

and whatever else you can find.

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