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I bought my house in Montenegro in 2006 and at that time I could not own the land that I bought my house on and now that the law has changed recently that I may become the owner of the land that my house is on i want to do this .I have called into the municipality and I was told that I need the previous owners to sign an annex agreement to the original sales contract.Is this correct and if so can the people that sold me the house look for more money from me to sign this agreement?

your land is probably registered on your company now? And you are paying for keeping up the company a lot.
I think the best solution is to do liquidation of company and then land will transfer to company founders. This is possible if the land is in urban developed area (covered by "DUP" or some other urban planning), or if you are EU citizen, doesn't matters where this land is, except if it is bigger then 5000m2.
In this case you will need to pay transfer tax (3%) according to low, but in some cases people did not pay because they (from municipality where the land is) were not able to find out about this transfer and they get through with out paying it. This was the case if the company was registered in one municipality and land is in another.

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     I have no company set up as i bought just the house at the time 2006 and at that time it was not possible to own the land except maybe if i set up a company and this costs a lot of money ,but as you know this situation changed over 2 years ago when the house owner  who is a foreigner was able to put the land in his name without forming a company.My problem is that the local mup is saying that i now must have permission from the previous owners of the house that they don't have a problem with me owning the land. My lawyer says that the original contract makes provisions for me to own the land and that he is going to discuss the terms of the contract.

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