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Anyone can recommend a good and reliable lawyer or conveyor in Montenegro that is familiar with property purchase?
Which area is best to purchase property in montenegro?. I was thinking of spending non peak season there in montenegto and renting the property for airbnb or short term rental during the peak summer months of May till August.
What is the best method  to use when moving around montenegro bay area . Is there local shutter buses and how do they charge?

I can recommend a solicitor in Kotor I have used him to purchase my house ,  if you are interested please let me know

For purchasing land now, it is obligatory to use Notary services, for making contract and for verification. They finish all job in Cadastre for registering it in real-state register. More important is to find some independent consultant to tell you more about property, construction possibilities, estimated value, pros and cons..... no lawyer will do this job well, or they will hire person for this.

If i am looking for established apartment and not looking to build or renovate do i still need to do this?  Also which area in montenegro is best for rental besides port montenegro (around kotor bay area)?.

If you are buying just apartment, you do not need anybody except Notary. My opinion is that Budva is the best for this!

That will be great if you can email me the lawyer  you used for your property purchase.

I know Budva is very busy n touristy in summer but because it is facing the open ocean I prefer to be facing kotor bay. Is Tivat a popular tourist spot in summer?

Dears ,
is Tivat  good to buy apaetment ?

best wishes

Hi my lawers name is aleksander otasevic and he has his business in the old tpwn of kotor turn left when you go under the arch entrance and then turn right. He is very realible and i used him to do the purchase of my house in kumbor, herceg novi .

Climate is much better at open sea then in Bay. In bay it rains and rains and it is humid a lot, plus you do not get enough sun because you have mountains blocking it. But, I know you will choose bay like all others, but if you choose bay, choose Tivat, since there is much more sun at winters.... But if we are talking about money, choose Budva, and plus it is much better climate then in bay

Dear Nemanja ,
I quote this from your reply :  But if we are talking about money, choose Budva, and plus it is much better climate then in bar  .

can you explain more please .

What's the name of the solicitor office?.
Can anyone tell me what are the out going expenses for a 1 or 2 bedroom apartment in Tivat area.  I am referring to things like maintenance fees, rates, land tax, garbage collection , insurance , water, electricity etc2.

Hi I would like also to recommend Hercegnovi district and while it is part of the entrance to the bay you get a lot of sun it is not too crowded and you are very close to must locations again it is a personal disision and I would recommend that you visit all locations in peak season and off peak season.

I would personnally recommend the Boka Bay (although not the Kotor and Risan Inner Bays) which indeed leaves you with the Tivat Bay and the Herceg Novi Bays and Lustica. Indeed in Kotor and Risan you get a LOT more rain, but Tivat and Herceg Novi gets a similar climate (dryer) like Budva.
I personnally find Budva way too busy in the summer, and over-built. In the winter it gets very quiet and seems very empty due to the enormous amount of buildings.
Nowadays Notaries will do the same job as lawyers used to do, for a fraction of the price, so unless you run into any specific difficulties, you can just use the Notary to do all the due diligence and paperwork.
Finally you can use buses, there is a good network in the Bay but it is slow, otherwise taxis are cheap.

Thanks for your valuable input Tsarine.
Where can i find reliable and good notary?

It would be good first to know when you are buying property and then choose a Notary in that municipality. All notaries can be found on the site of the Notary's chamber
If you buy in Tivat I will recommend a Notary for you.

Hi, if you are still in need of a good honest lawyer or a realtor, I can recommend you one, as I have just gone through hell trying to buy a property in Budva, and if I never met this lawyer, I'd of ran from Montenegro as fast as I could :)

Hi there. I dont need a lawyer i am just writing as a fellow brit here in budva to say welcome and would you like to go for coffee sometime. 

Sorry about your troubles. Not sure why you needed a lawyer but would be interested to listen.  They changed the law here a few years back and the notary is now supposed to do the conveyancing.

Having said that I recently had some difficulties myself with a notary not doing the job properly but tsarine sorted this.

Hiya. I'm flying in to Budva on the 9th. I absolutely love Montenegro and have been going there for 7 years in a row but the troubles we came across while looking for a property were shocking! 99.9% properties up for sale are "dirty" we have been threatened, blackmailed, lied to while looking us in the eye with a gentle smile, forced/pushed/rushed into the notary' office, been offered to have our notary bills covered on a SUNDAY! Realtors would literally walk out on us during viewing as soon as we'd mention we have a lawyer or the fact that we heard this&that building was having documents problems. After we got a lawyer, even she was harassed! It was mad! My mornings would start with me being physically sick from the stress. Absolutely insane! So I can't say it loud enough, get yourselves a decent, honest lawyer (yes, it's a rarity) :/ :)
Now, thanks to our amazing lawyer, we found a great property, have paid the deposit and are coming to sign the main contract in a couple of weeks.
Yes, I'd love to get a coffee as I'm going to be staying there for 3-4 weeks :)

Also, from what I witnessed and understood, notary won't tell you of any problems with any property unless you ask, and even then the excuses and explanations are learner off by heart, so most people only find out about what they got themselves into after they sign the contract. :/

I am travelling till 16th Nov but will be back in town for a few weeks then. I live here all the time but it's coming up to Christmas so going to visit family.

Your purchase sounds like a nightmare. I got my home nearly 20 years ago. It was still a difficult time but I was fortunate as back then only lawyers did the conveyancing and I got a good one.

My lawyer has since retired but now I have another good lawyer who was recommended to me.

If I can help 're visas let me know.  I have property owners visa. I pay 300 once a year to a very good accounting company in podgorica and they do all the running around for the visa. I just have to turn up to present the paperwork and then a few weeks later collect the visa.

Also if you think about getting a car here again let me know. It's not straight forward and honestly next time I get a vehicle I will bring one from UK. It's by far the simplest solution.

Can you let me know when you plan to be here?


Hi Janet,

We are considering moving to Montenegro please can you assist with contact detail for the lawyer you have.  We have to figure out what is the best way to obtain residency for my son and I and need someone we can trust with this process.

Thanking you in advance

You don't need a lawyer. Accounting firms handle residency issues here as well.
Email ***

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Thankyou any accounting firm you can recommend?

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