life in buraydah, al qassim for females

I am writing  this query, also considering that  my wife will be with me.
Our Saudi story started 1 year back , we stayed in riyadh and started to feel settled for last 2 months or so....when my employer has asked me to shift to buraydah.
I want to know about life for females in restricted it is in comparison to riyadh ? niqab mandatory for everyone(even non muslims)?...... is going around to a mall alone not safe or better not to go ?......going to a neighbourhood park for a walk ?
These are the only few things which my wife was sticking on to in riyadh, when i am not around.
If even these basic activities are not possible in buraydah then we have to think differently.

I currently live in Burdaydah and have been here for almost 3.5 years.

For a woman, it can be a little different compared to Riyadh.

I've not lived in Riyadh but have visited it many times. It's a lot easier to get around in Riyadh compared to Buraydah but it's a nice and simple city. There are 2 malls and nice family parks. Not much to do, although it is a developing city with new restaurants and shops opening up regularly.

Niqaab is not mandatory for expat women if they choose not to wear it. You can go to the mall alone no problem, but will need a rode there and back. If you can arrange a driver for your wife she's free to go where she wants.

Sorry no one replied and mine is very late.

Hope it helped regardless.


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