Planning a move to Panama. Info about hospitals, schools, life?!

Hi, everyone
My name is Anna, my husband and i are planning to move to Panama. We are coming for a pre-relocation visit in January. We would love to meet people who moved to Panama and to hear a little bit more about the everyday  life there, hospitals, schools. I am 28 and my husband is 30. I speak some Spanish and a little bit of English, in my plans is to improve them both.

I would be happy to chat and meet in Panama 🙂

Hello anna0902 :cheers:

You could check out articles from our Living in Panama guide to gather some infos about that destination you are interested in.

Also, browsing the Panama forum by categories may help you gather infos shared by members


Where are you planning to move to?

Are you planning to work here or become self employed?
Remember that panama is a place for tourists and retirements. Doing business and working here is quiet hard even compared to other 3rd world countries.

panama city, in the towers neighborhoods.
My husband is a software engineer and owner of a software company. And gives software services to companies in other countries.
And I'm planning to set up a business for beauty treatments and medical cosmetics.

Ok well it can work. Just don't do any hard work here.

I am a professional content writer living in Panama.  I write the content for several websites about Panama.  One of them, a Panama law firm, has 200 web pages of my content.  Two of them are related to your questions about the best hospitals and schools in Panama.  Here are the URL links to them so you (and the others reading this) can see which ones are the best:

The best hospitals … a_city.htm

The best private schools … school.htm

You will notice that I provided links to each school's website and contact information so you can reach them with any questions.

I am also available to write website content and blog posts for any other companies around the world.

Steven Rich, MBA

How can you make money with content writing, with this crap internet connection in panama? I must say that even Africa has better and faster internet service than panama.

Panama's internet lines are mostly above ground making them vulnerable to the elements causing rust, decay, subject to high winds, etc.  You just learn to put up with the inconveniences.  Too many expats come here from the U.S., Canada, and the EU expecting the same forms of equipment, service, and attitudes and leave when they can't adjust. 

Steven Rich, MBA

I know that its not the same. I lived in Africa for almost 5 years and i am very surprised that Africa is far better than Panama, when it comes to customer service, pricing, speed, internet, food and other things. The only advantage i can tell of Panama so far is the medical system and you don't have much black outs and water problems.
Education seems also be better. People speaking multiple languages its normal too.

If they can't adjust, I hope they don't end up in MY part of Canada! They won't stay for long! lol

Hello Anna, I'm a lawyer here in Panama if you need any advice before you sign some papers fell free to ask any question. It would be very nice to meet you and if you need any help with the schools and locations in Panama City there's no problem I can help. You mention that your husband is an software engineer, if he needs a contact in that area works with technical surveillance counter-measures and cyber security for private companies and the government so maybe would be an interested conversation between them. Send me a private chat if you need any help or contact info for an specific place or any advice.

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