Meeting people in Panama City

I'm new here and would live to meet other fun, outgoing people.  Is there a group that meets here in the city?  Food, Drinks, Hiking etc

welcome my dear

Hi cheekyarentyou, welcome on Expat-blog! :)

I hope you get lot of new contacts on the site. Do not hesitate to participate in other threads on the Panama forum.

I wish you good luck. :)

I am a retired government employee living in Oregon USA and me and my wife want to move to Panama City, Panama. We would love to meet someone who would have accommodations for us to rent from them for at least one year so the we can see if this is the place we want to permanently move to. We love people and are anxious to correspond and meet people that live in Panama.

Hello! I am new on this blog and new in Panama (4 weeks) - would love to meet other People who are interested in traveling, books etc! Have a nice evening!
Maike (Maria)

You can also try a site called InterNations - they have a fairly active expat group in PC that meets monthly (I still get the invites).  You might want to give them a try. 

Be safe and have fun.

Hey AuntieFlo! Thanks for the reply! Sounds great! What is it called?

This site tends to delete names and links to other groups. Maybe she was trying to tell you about one I've also hear about that meets in PC. Try putting inter together with nations to make just one word, and google that. Lets see if this message gets posted the way I wrote it!

popaike :

Hey AuntieFlo! Thanks for the reply! Sounds great! What is it called?

Aunt Flo, what is the other site called that mentioned but there was no name?



Hi Maria,

I read your blog. Where are you originally coming from?
I am Hungarian and I a, willing to move to Panama. As I see you are living there. Is that right?

I travelled around the World , so I can talk about that a lot if you want to know more about that.


thanks a lot, inter with nations and then org works perfectly! take care!

hey Niki, just try "inter" with "nations" and then "org" - meet you there!

NICE ONE....glad to see so much action!
I hope to return to Panama in August and hope to meet some like-minded folk!

Keep it up,

Brindisi, Italy

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The city is super dirty. there is much corruption (Police and everywhere they want money, you should always keep available 20 Dollar for them but the cops, the cops look for ways to fine you or hold you back and put you to wait.)
There are parts of the city in extreme poverty on a dirt horrible.
also think they should put on their flag buzzard or vulture; Bird carrion.
flying across Panama.

If you are on FB look for YEP as in young expats in Panama:)

We can go out if you want! let me know

Hi I want to meet good people here.
I am boy .

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