Family reunion

I'm tunisian, my husband obtained maltese citizenship by naturalisation. .. and we think of moving to live in malta in January 2017... we have two kids...
So my question is : if we just go to malta with a visa,then what do we have to do ? Visa extention?  Or ask for residency permit?
And what about our kids? How can they learn maltese?  Because it's too late for the school year....

Well, that's what what I wanted to know....
Thank you for any answer 😉

Hello, no one can help us please ??????😭😭😭😭

If your husband now has Maltese Citizenship I would have thought you could all just move to Malta, but I would check with the Maltese Embassy in Tunis, assuming there is one and they should also be able to tell you about schooling.

Ok, thanks a lot for your comment 😊

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