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I worked in oman during the period of apr 16 -  aug 16. Unfortunately because of health issue i had to come back to india. When i was leaving oman i did exit using my passport and not with pataka because under urgency pro was not available. As per my admin i handed over my pataka to them. they told that they will do exit after i left oman... Is it possible to come back to oman to the same company or some other company?

My visa and pataka was valid upto jan 17.

And another one news is coming from oman ministry that, noc is not needed from previous employer. Will it be helpful for me to come back to oman anyways?

Pleas give me advices


Hi senthil g,

In today's (October 11, 2016) Times of Oman, the front page banner headline says "PLAN TO SCRAP NOC".

Indeed, this is good news for all expatriates who would no longer be shackled to their employers. But the news item says that the plan to revoke that rule is being considered and a new set of labour laws would be announced very soon. So as of now, we all need to wait and watch and continue to hope for the best.

So till such time any formal announcement to this effect is made, you cannot come back - to any other company - if you did not take your last employer's NOC letter.

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Exiting the country without pataka, when i had it... Will it make any disadvantage to enter the country again?

Is it possible to work with the same employer now?


Hi senthil g,

Your 'Resident Card' is only to identify you as a registered and bona-fide expatriate residing in the Sultanate - legally.

Without a resident card you cannot enter Oman, if you do not have an entry visa.

Your last employer must have your resident card duly cancelled, before your papers can be re-submitted for a new visa.

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I am an ayurvedic doctor.for the past two months I have been working in present sponsor is ready to give my husband is working in salalah,i am planning to move there if any vacancy come will it be able for me to join to a new hospital since I have not completed 2years with the present sponsor? please give me an answer.
Thank you

HI chinnu kuttu,

An NOC is a document which will set you 'free' from your last employer / sponsor, and will give you 'wings' to go to a new one.

If your sponsor is willing to give you an NOC and let you leave his employment within just 2 months of your joining, then thank your stars !

Thank you so much sir.

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