Teaching job in Malta

Hi everybody,

I and my son would like to move and live in Malta. I have 18 years teaching experience.
I was a teacher in Bulgaria, my home country. Now we are in South Africa.I thought Mathematics in primary and high schools in South Africa.
Any information about teaching job in Malta I really will appreciate.


Hi Maria,

I suggest you drop an advert in the Jobs in Malta section of the website and read the articles under the Work in Malta section of the Expat Guide to gather as much information as possible.

All the best,

Hi Maria,

You might find something in private schools - in public schools you will need to be able to speak Maltese - as has been discussed in another thread here in the forum, the language is one of the most common misconceptions, i.e. most locals will prefer to speak Malese, not English, and that includes schools.

You might also find a job in an EFL school as an English teacher, for requirements see here: … ermit.aspx


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