Hello from Sweden

Hello, just joined and happy to be here  :)

My husband and I are planning to move to Croatia and I am looking for information and other useful tips. We have visited Croatia every summer for 7 years now, and we have managed to get some good friends.
We have now come to a point in life when it is time to make some changes while we still can, and move there. My hope is to find find some useful information here  :top:

Annika and Tomas

Good luck with your move. The Croatia forum does not have many active members but I found a lot of Croatians are friendly and helpful so I'm sure you will get the information you are needing. I found some of my Croatian friends through CouchSurfing. I do not know any other expats in my area, the nearest is Varazdin but even here in the depths of rural Podravina there are lots of people who speak English.

Hi Annika and Tomas,

Interestingly, we are on a similar paths  :) .  We are considering moving or spending considerable part of the year in Dubrovnik.   We have already ties there through our sailing yacht which we charter through a local company so we developed number of good relations.  We will be in Dubrovnik in early November looking for an apartment to buy. 

It would be nice to share our "notes".  For example, one of key considerations is health insurance.   I am not sure if the state health insurance in Croatia is good enough or some other arrangements must be made.

Good luck with your plans and hope to hear from you!

Jarek & Jola

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