How expensive is Croatia?What about social life?


I just read your post - I'm currently living in the U.S. near San Francisco in Sonoma County.  I visited Croatia several years ago and fell in love with the beauty and good living.  Where in Croatia have you settled?  I stayed on Korcula for most of my visit and loved it.  The sea is so gorgeous!

I'm thinking of making a change - it's just too darned expensive here - I'm not making it financially on my fixed income.  Wondering how you find Croatia.  Do you think it's less expensive than than the U.S.?   I'm single so concerned about the social aspect too.  Any thoughts you have on the medical care, finances or social life would be most appreciated.  It's a big decision!

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Compared to northern California Croatia is not expensive, except if you are renting short term in high tourist season. Food is cheaper and much better quality than one would generally find in California,
and if you rent a bit outside tourist centers, it is very affordable. Many Croatians live on 1000 to
1500 Euros a month, and 2000 to 2500 Euros a month one can live quite well. A big expense can be
depending on type of residence, is showing health insurance suitable for the type of residency visa,
but once a resident local plans not too expensive. Social scene may be a bit challenging outside of
Zagreb, but depends a lot on the person- and any language issues. Most younger Croatians speak English, and in fact educated Croatians I met in a few cases spoke better English than the average American,

Work hard to find, best something you can do online for American or European company. If you have IT skills and background, then may be work you can do remote for UK or German companies.

Good luck I fell in love with Croatia too.

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