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Hi , my wife going send invitation to my cousin as I don't have RC yet , is it possible ? she have own house and own business , we going to invite him for one week as visa visa , could anyone tell me what kind of invitation we should make , from notary ,or please help if anyone know many thanks

Yes it is possible

Here is a link to a form you should need. … undere.pdf

Romaniac Experts Team

Romaniac Thank you sir for reply , just want to know how long is took to made , I ask you this because someone else told me they took 2 months ? When I come to Romania she send me from notary different pepper please advise

If someone else told you that, then you can go on that if you like.  I don't invite foreigners to Romania, so I have no personal experience with the process.  I only am aware of the law and the posted information by the authorities.

If you're in doubt, ask the immigration police.  They are the ones who decide, they will advise you definitively.

Just want to update,with new information,
I Talked  with Romanian immigration they told me I have to make invitation with them, they can took up to 2 months so I don't have 2 months an time to go immigration and wait we prefer to apply tourist visa for my cosine simple is that

please  i need a invitation of Romania  any  one help  me  i am living Greek Cyprus .
reply me

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