Moving to Malta Next week - last minute checklist help!

Hi everyone,

I will be moving from Scotland to Malta on Tuesday, I have secured a job and have temporary accommodation booked and letting agent appointments arranged.

I just want to make sure I'm not forgetting any important things like documents, essential items etc!

I have my police conduct certificate (required for my job), copies of my employment contract, documents for e-residency card (I have form A A4 and Form ID 1A, plus the Electoral form). I have 4 passport size images too.

I know I need to also apply for my social security number online which takes 3 days so will do that once I have a long let address.

Is there anything else I need to have? Any other documents? Or any other items I should take to Malta which would be essential, either in general or for the weather etc?

Any other tips for my first few days in Malta? I start work on the 10th so I have 5 days to get things done and some sightseeing.

Thanks in advance!


Just wondering,is your job in igaming ?

Hi, yeah it is

You have the done the same preparations I did last week. I moved on a four day notice and I was totally fine with that preparation. : )

if your job is in the South then you could rent a room for only Eur 400 per month

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