EP/S-Pass Rejected without clear Reason


This month, I just applied for EP/S-Pass but it was rejected without a clear reason within 2 weeks. It only mention that I am not eligible to work in Singapore. Even after appealing and contacting directly to the ministry, their reply is the same.

After I checked online, my application is for S-Pass. And according to the online SAT tools, my qualifications only makes me eligible for S-Pass. If there are no difference with the application process for both S-Pass and EP, and the system just assigned you according to your qualification, salary and working experience, I guess it makes sense they put my application for S-Pass.

But why they said I am not eligible? This is my only confusion. I have MBA and Bachelor Degree in engineering from usa with working experience for more than 6 years. My current and Salary offered is much more than enough for EP. In the past, I studied in Singapore for 4 years and never overstayed my visa. Worldwide, I have don't have any criminal history. My company is a worldwide reputable company and they have many expat and local working so there is no problem with their quota for S-Pass. My position is not easily filled as the interview process until now takes more than 5 months and it's been more 8 months since the job is posted.

Is it because I am an Indonesian? Recently, Indonesia and Singapore have some conflict with the Indonesian tax amnesty program. Is it the reason? I keep coming back to this reason. Do anyone else recently have the same experience or can enlightened me the possible reasons?

Sorry to know your case, I certainly don't think your nationality is an issue of approving work pass. If you have done Master and Bachelor degree and more than 6 years of experience then not sure why your employer didn't apply EP?

I assume your graduation and Master degree are regular courses (not distance learning or similar program - as it does not have any value addition to your application). You may be over qualified for S pass, and if offered salary to you above $5000 per month then EP chances are there. Remember applying EP with master degree and 6 yrs exp, your employer should offer at least 5000 or even much more as per market standard, anything lesser will draw a negative line on your application. If you see eligibility criteria of EP, the more you experienced, the higher pay package will be considered.

And, about MOM, it's not their obligation to tell you or employer the cause of rejection. They may or may not.

Below links are the eligibility criterias for EP n S pass. FYI, both are not same and are completely different from education to salary to experience. … ligibility … ligibility

SAT tool will not show you that you are eligible for S pass after mentioning your Bachelor degree and Master degree with 6 years experiences.

My above two points could be the case of rejection your application. Wish you good luck.

Both of my education degree is obtained full time. My prospective employee said that the procedure of applying of either EP or S-pass goes through the same windows and the system will automatically placed my application according to my qualifications. I don't know if the internal processing procedure is computerized like the SAT tools before they placed it as EP or S-Pass.

I personally try the Online Self Assessment Tools it self, and it shows that I only have eligibility for an S-Pass. Maybe it's because of the position that I am applying for,  salary does not reach as high as $5000/month, etc.

MoM should have told us the reason of rejection instead of stating that I am not an eligible candidate. If we did not know the reason how we can appeal their decisions to rejects the application. … ected-pass

From that statement only, it means that I am not eligible at all to work in Singapore.
I know plenty of people that had their application rejected but the reasons of rejection were all clearly stated. So they can improve the application and appeal before getting approved at the end.

I don't come across anyone who has got response from MoM stating details of his/her pass rejection.

As I said earlier, MoM does not entertain candidates nor it has obligation to tell the candidate or employer the details of rejection. But sometime it states oneline or two about the rejection which will give an ample of indication on why your application was rejected.

I'm really surprised by knowing from you that MoM categorical said you are not eligible to work in Singapore (I can't see your link though).

Could be one of the case where you are over qualified for S pass (educational background and salary offered to you), but however salary offer to you with educational background (Master n bachelor degrees) to consider EP is under below the market standard which is why MoM is not considering. I just gave an example of $5000 (there is no such slab available). Eligibility criteria says higher degree with number of years experience will fetch more salary. The more number of years of experience you have, the more salary criteria will b considered (minimum salary for EP is $3,300 and for S pass is $2,200).

The link is just the MoM web address for appealing the rejection.

It's state, "You have 3 months to appeal an unsuccessful Employment Pass application, but you should do so only if you can address the reasons for rejection."

I have a friend that has his EP application to work in his own company rejected because the salary stated inside the first application is too high. So he reapplied with lower salary and it was approved.

Another friend that is rejected because of the reason that his working experience is not related to the future position in Singapore. So he discussed with his employer to modify the position title and work description and appealed the decision and eventually it was approved.

If there is no specific reasons why the application is rejected, I cannot blindly keep on appealing or reapplying with the result being so obvious.

Your employer can enquire with MoM as the application was submitted by them not you. Secondly, it has not stated any where that you are not eligible to work in Singapore (which you had claimed in first message). It was a standard message from them stating that you have 3 months time to appeal and address the reason of rejection in order to see a different result.

So, liaise with your employer who can request them to provide the few more points so that they can appeal in a positive way.

You are giving your friends example, I think MoM may not be stated in their rejection report saying your salary is too high or your job description is not reasonable rather MOM might have given hint of such things which you can find out. So, ask your employer to reach out MoM and request them. Other than that you can't do anything. If you reach out again and again then it will be a negative trend and they will not entertain you further. They are strict and you need to handle the situation carefully.

The company did try appeal and enquire directly by phone. But the ministry personnel just gave the same statement without giving any clear reason why it is rejected.

I am not sure if the company is lying. But from the statement 'not eligible to work in Singapore' itself, it means no company in Singapore can apply a work pass for me. And this company is the biggest player in the industry worldwide.

Beside Indonesia, I have worked in USA, Europe and China and never get any work permit application rejected.

I can't comment about other countries but in Singapore it has different set of criteria to match in order for your application to consider. In one criteria where you are failing is offered salary. The market trend in SG with MBA n bachelor degree and 6 years of experience, the salary is offering in the range between $6000 to $15,000 per month or even more. Example: A quantitative analyst/ investment banker/ portfolio analyst with a top tier MBA degree and 6 yrs exp can draw around $12000 to $15000 per month here. However, a MBA graduate with 6yrs experience in logistics can fetch $6,000 or more. So, when you said your offering salary is much less than $5,000 then it is way below to market standard. So, it could be one of the reason (again I'm just guessing). So, no matter whether you had worked in US or Europe as salary wise it's really way below the market standard in Singapore.

I agree with Surya:
- With a degree, MBA and 6 years relevant, international work experience, you are a candidate for EP, not S-Pass. If your employer applied for an S-Pass (this IS a separate application from EP!), it might be rejected for this reason. (If, however, your employer applied for EP and ticked the box "If ineligible, consider for S-Pass instead", the rejection was for both EP and S-Pass.)
- With a degree, MBA and 6 years relevant, international work experience, your market value is more than S$6000/month, more likely S$8000-10000. MoM rejects too low earners because they don't want foreigners to distort the local wage structure.

Hi Bro,

we have the same case :) in fact now the company said let's try again in an other 6 months :)

HI, I faced the same cause of rejection regardless my PhD qualifications and related work experience in other countries. The only reason stated was "you're not eligible to apply for a work pass here".

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