Internet Service Provider in Ho Chi Minh City

Does anyone know the most reliable and fastest WiFi service provider in Ho Chi Minh City?

Need a fast and reliable service on home based desktops.

Have a service at present but the service is not consistent and subject to failures on a regular basis.

If you can point me in the right direction it would be much appreciated

Good luck finding a competent supplier, I just lost an online job due to regular dropouts and continual maintenance on the undersea cable out of VN.

Dear Blunder,

I suggest U should use FPT service with premium package. Contact me if you need more detail

you can always try to get two operators same time, so if one provider goes down one should be up..

If the undersea cable craps itself again , it won't matter how many providers you have, it still won't work.

This is true! But if its local then it would help.. and those does happen :/

True, but I doubt anyone only accesses just VN websites.

I had written an indepth topic to cover this:

Basically, Viettel might be the best ISP for international connectivity and if you need a better support, you will have to take their packages for pro or so. (With a guaranteed bandwidth at international). But the others ISP are doing it as well. (I'm using FPT, but plan to change).

Vietnam is suffering from frequent outage but should be drastically improved, end of the year with 2 new cables opening. (ie, the defect of 1 cable will not have as big as an impact as it is now). Viettel is the one investing the most at this moment. That is also why I believe their connectivity is better. (But I don't have real data on this unfortunately)

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