Where to buy second hand apple products iphone,ipod or ipad in ho chi

Hi i am looking for any second hand iphone , ipod or ipad in ho chi minh. Do you know a place where i can buy one. Thanks.

Hello dragonslayer,

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This is from the apple site:  Hope this helps.

Thank you very much joeysmith i will take alook into it.

Always all sorts of stuff for sale on < … neighbours > (membership)

The advantage of buying used off a Foreigner is better because it is likely not stolen.

Street vendors often sell stolen property and this can lead to complications when you put a SIM into it.

There is an international drive to lock out hot phones. Apple already effectively kills hot products.

If you follow Hai Ba Trung St into Go Vap (it changes names 2 or 3 times; just keep going straight), you'll see a lot of street vendors selling phones on the right hand side.  There's also a lot of used phone shops in that area.  I probably don't have to say "Buyer beware", but I will anyway.

Why buy an Ipad when you can have a new Benq android tablet for $100?

I know you said used but I went to the Futureworld place on Nguyen Thi Minh Khai St today to get a new charger for my laptop (the old one was good enough to bang and go on fire the other day as I was sitting on my bed sending an email. Good work Apple.......).

Small but nice store and the staff were really helpful. It wasn't much cheaper then at home, maybe about 10euro cheaper but good experience all round.

hi, i have one, and wanna buy it^^ if you wanna buy, contact me, please^^

hello do you have iphone 4? how much is that??

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